Tesla Battery Versus Enphase Battery

tesla solar battery


There is a competitor to the Tesla battery coming to Australia in Feb 2023. Called the Enphase battery it is a lithium ion battery and has some differing features to Tesla. Both will have a similar cost and currently, Tesla has a lead installation time of 3 months and Enphase 6 months (it launches in Aus in Feb 2023). The prices are not likely to come down as the demand is only growing, along with the growth for Tesla cars and home charging stations. 


So which is better? Let’s do a comparison. These are both home batteries that collect solar power from your solar panels and store it to be used when the panels stop generating power. Solar batteries provide a storage solution for additional power and greatly reduce your electricity bills even further. A solar battery allows you to use power at night or a cloudy day when the sun is not out to power the panels. 


The battery is installed in the best place for your needs, often we install a solar battery in the garage at the same time we install a Tesla Car Charger. If the battery is able to be installed outside then the unit is designed to withstand outdoor conditions. Often they can be installed near the electricity box. 

Battery Life


Both the Tesla and Enphase have a warranty of 10 years, plus with regular solar electrician maintenance, they can last much longer. We recommend at least every 2 years you book a solar maintenance inspection which includes cleaning your panels and inspecting the electrical and battery. Both offer a 5-year warranty extension for an additional cost. So in terms of battery life, both brands finish even. 

tesla solar battery

Battery Safety

You must have a certified electrician install solar batteries for your home or business. And as we are a clean energy certified solar electrician we know all the safety standards such as installing above pet and child height, no exposed wiring and securing the system safely to a wall. Both the Enphase and Tesla batteries will be safe for your home meeting government safety standards.


Battery Capacity

The Tesla battery has a storage capacity of 13.5kWh and the Enphase battery has a modular battery that can have up to 4 x 5kWh storage capacity per phase. Both batteries can provide power to your home in a blackout and both can be used to power a portion of daily power used in your home to reduce electricity bills, & both will silently achieve load shifting & releasing stored energy like a shock absorber when the sun goes down, which minimises the amount of power imported from the grid, & lets you use your power at peak rate times 35-45 cents instead of exporting at some lower rate 5-10 cents.


Battery Chemistry 

The Enphase battery is lithium iron phosphate and cobalt-free. This means it makes it one of the safest due to being susceptible to a thermal runaway defect. The Tesla battery has a nickel manganese cobalt chemistry meaning it is more efficient and powerful. Plus, it has safety features that prevent overheating. We don’t expect you to have a good understanding of battery chemistry so if you have any questions just ask us and we can explain what might suit your needs better in terms of battery chemistry. 


Weather Conditions

A great aspect of the Enphase battery is a feature that detects approaching weather and can begin to prioritise energy to have enough stored during extreme weather or storms. It can also still absorb extra power in extreme weather conditions. The Tesla is a water-resistant battery and is made to withstand all types of weather conditions. So, both will last in extreme weather, but the Enphase has the edge with its weather detection and power prioritising feature. 


Battery Costs

Both batteries cost around $16.000 for the battery itself and installation. As of now – November 2022 the lead time to install a Tesla is around 3 months and Enphase 6 months. So, we suggest you contact us now to secure your booking. These are industry-wide wait times not just Max Power. 


Why Choose Max Power to Install?


As Max Power is a ‘Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer we follow the high standards of the code of conduct. The Solar Retailer Code of Conduct has been authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

  • Industry Leader
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  • Provide a five-year whole-of-system warranty


And we install solar panels, solar batteries and Tesla charger stations. We can help you decide on the right battery for your home.