3 Phase Power

Three Phase Power Installation

Commonly used in commercial and industrial settings 3 phase power can also be used for some bigger home appliances. Max Power Electrical can access if 3 phase installation is needed for your home. We provide installation, maintenance, repairs and testing across Melbourne.

Why choose 3 Phase Power Systems

A single phase power system which is common in most homes but for some homes and businesses that use more power a 3 phase power system will mean guaranteed power. Its advantages include consistent and continuous electrical power and is cheaper than single phase power (for properties that need 3 phase).

Often appliances that need 3 phase power require continuous running, with a the right power they will be maintained and run longer without repairs. Saving money. For instance 3 phase power is beneficial for data centres or big electrical installations. As supplies increase power from the same current, constant power supply will reduce generator and motor vibrations, decreasing wear and maintenance, and extending the life of machinery.

Commercial and Industrial Electrical Services Melbourne

  • Single and 3 phase power installation
  • 3 phase power repairs, maintenance, upgrades, and testing
  • Minimal disruption to business – 24 hr call outs
  • Quality equipment and components
  • Guaranteed long lasting power supply system
  • Upgrading from single to 3 phase power
  • All systems fully tested for safety and certified

Call Max Power Electrical for all your commercial and industrial 3 phase power installation and repairs. We will work around your business to cause minimal disruption and get your system back up and running fast.