Solar Panel Maintenance

Maintaining your solar panel means optimal performance

Make Sure Your Solar Panels Are Working Properly

Your solar panels might not be saving you as much money from your bill as they could be. Are they costing you money that you didn’t even know about? Maintaining your solar system is a critical factor in keeping the longevity of your solar systems that many homeowners ignore or are ignorant of. After all, you have paid $1000’s to install your solar system in Melbourne. Keeping it running at an optimal function will ensure you keep your power bills down and the money you spent on the system doesn’t go to waste.

Solar Systems have many benefits to your home or even your growing business. But solar panel maintenance and keeping it clean is a fundamental aspect to getting the full potential out of your Solar System.

solar panel cleaning and maintenance

If you have discovered your solar system is not working we can help. Maybe the unit is leaking or it is not giving you the financial savings you expected.

What do you get with a solar service from Max Power?

  • Qualified Clean Energy Solar electrician.
  • Full audit of your system.
  • Full written report and photos of all testing we carry out.
  • The report and inspection not only protect your investment but ensure compliance with local supply authority requirements of having your system maintained.
  • We fix anything minor as part of our service while on-site.
  • If we find anything major then this would be quoted for approval once you have been fully advised.
  • Check all connections at switchboard and inverter plus inspect AC-DC isolators to ensure no issues.
  • Assess the age of the system vs the output of the system to confirm the product is as expected which will determine if there is an issue.
  • Check the bill if the client has any issues as these can be very confusing.
  • Make any recommendations regarding preventative maintenance.
  • Cleaning the system is recommended at every service at an additional cost but in some cases not always required depending on installation location and site specifics.

What Causes Solar Panels to Stop Working?

  • Dust (Dirt)
  • Moss (Fungus)
  • Tree Litter (Leaves, Sap, etc)
  • Bird Droppings
  • Pollution in the Air
  • Salt in the air (If you live close to the ocean)

Solar unit Repair and upkeep


Qualified Clean Energy Solar Electricians – We Know How to Get Your Solar Panels Working at Peak Power

When was the last time you had your solar panels looked at by a professional? Solar panel maintenance is really important not only to extend the life of your solar investment but make sure you are saving the most from every bill. If your solar panels aren’t working properly you are paying more than you should.

At Max Power, we are guided by the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Regulator (CER) advice on what should be included in solar panel maintenance as it is more than just a clean of the panels. Our experience as qualified Clean Energy Solar Electricians means we know exactly how solar panels work and exactly how they should be maintained. 

To work at maximum efficiency solar panels need to be clean, free of debris, have secure cabling, inverter display working and check that access to the isolator switches hasn’t been impeded. There is more involved but these are some examples of what we check and why it’s more than just a brush and wash of the solar panel.

Why Get Solar Panels Serviced?

  • Keep your solar panels working at maximum efficiency
  • Know you are saving every cent possible from your power bills
  • Looks clean and shiny
  • Performance, with your system maintained, you can expect to see your Solar System’s Performance improve.
  • Warranty – Systems can come with warranties that have clauses to maintain your system to avoid voiding your warranty.

What we assess while we are there maintaining your solar system:

  • Age and wear on your Panels. With the elements of the planet, age and deterioration can happen relatively quicker than you would expect
  • The Cables. We make sure that they are still in a safe condition, and still up to the task of powering up the system.
  • The Railing. This is the strength to your system, and it is of utmost importance to make sure the integrity of the frame is still in very good condition, to ensure the safety of your panels and home.
  • The Inverter. We will make sure that everything at the inverters end is top-notch, this involves checking its performance.

Solar Panel Maintenance on Any Size System

Max Power has been in the solar industry since 2008 so we know our stuff. Just recently we performed maintenance and cleaning of over 1000 solar planes at a Secondary College so solar maintenance on a 5 -25 solar panel system is a breeze for our electricians! But whether you have 5 panels or 1000 panels we take the job seriously and make sure you are saving serious money from your bills! 

Book in now so when the sun shines you know your panels are lapping up every ray and harnessing their power

We recommend a check-up and scheduled maintenance on your Solar System on a basis of 2-4 times a year, to ensure that you are getting the utmost performance out of your system.

Solar is a long term investment, so it is important to take care of your investment. But even if you don’t want to schedule a regular service we highly recommend you get your solar system checked at least once per year.

Contact us for a full solar system maintenance check today.