Thinking of Buying an Electric Car? What’s the Cost for a Home EV Charger?

Electric cars used to be a rare sighting on Melbourne roads, but now it’s usual to see at least a few on the road each day. And it’s no longer just Tesla, you have Kia, Hyundai, Renault, Nissan, BMW, Jaguar to name a few and China is starting to test Electric cars for Australia to offer cheaper options. In fact Drive Magazine says in 2030, 5 new electric cars will be due in Aus with prices between $35,000 to $46,000 making electric cars much more affordable. And governments are moving forward with policies to encourage electric car sales. Victoria wants at least 50% of all car sales to be 50% electric cars by 2030. 

So what does this all mean for electric car infrastructure? Electric cars don’t need petrol stations, they need electric chargers. It’s not as simple as plugging the car into an electric plug. EV chargers are almost 10 times more powerful than a normal wall outlet. Charge your electric car overnight and be good to go with a full charge in the morning. Overnight is the best time to charge the car with off-peak electricity rates. 


New buildings both commercial and residential are now installing EV chargers in garages or car parks as the norm. And we can install home electric vehicle (EV) chargers in your garage or driveway. 

How Much Does it Cost to Install Home EV Charger?


Most of the cost is for the hardware itself and we can provide an estimate over the phone. Once we inspect your home and switchboard we can give you a complete quote. As a guide, the cost to install a home EV charging station can be anywhere from $1000 to $3000.


This is also a good opportunity to get a quote on solar panels, solar panel upgrades and installing a solar battery. As solar power can be harnessed to charge the car. Just ask us for advice and info on solar. 

Our Electrician will inspect and determine a suitable location for the chargepoint, inspect the switchboard for electrical supply and advise if any upgrade is needed. 



So if you are thinking of buying an electric or hybrid car, get the right EV charger for your home. There are options – level 1 or level 2 with level 2 being the faster, better charger.

Speak to us and we can give you advice and pricing to make sure you get the best at the best price! 

Future Fuels Policy 


The Federal Government announced its ‘Future Fuels’ policy’ which says in the next 30 years Australia will climb to 90% electric vehicle use. This is a huge increase in the current 1.6% of new electric car sales. Compare that to France in which 22% of new cars sales are electric and we can see that this market is going to see huge growth in a relatively quick timeframe. 


The Government predicts 1.7 million zero-emission cars will be registered by 2030 (currently 30,000). And that 80% of us will need access to electric charger infrastructure. For homeowners that means an electric charging station will be the norm in most garages and workplaces. 


It will become standard infrastructure in homes and expect to see home electric car charging stations as a feature when buying or selling in the next few years. The market will probably move quicker than what the government predicts as we play catch up with Europe and America