Car Park Lighting Solutions

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Installing the right carpark lighting can provide solutions for issues like carpark safety for staff and visitors, preventing crime such as graffiti and car theft. If using CCTV car park lighting ensures the recordings capture clear images day and night.

At Max Power Electrical we can install outdoor car park lighting to suit your needs. Depending on the use of your carpark we can install 24 hour LED lighting for low cost round the clock lighting. Or sensor lighting for external car parks not used after certain times. Installing dusk to dawn sensors can be done quickly and without interruption to the daily use of the car park. Our electricians are experienced in car park lighting design, meaning we make sure it looks good and suits your exact needs.

We can advise on car park lighting australian standards and make sure your car park complies with the guidelines. Max Power Electricians have worked on car park lighting installation and car park lighting retrofit for;

  1. Factory car parks
  2. Commercial car parks
  3. Apartment car parks
  4. Sports stadium car parks
  5. Workplace car parks
  6. Shopping centre car parks

The guidelines for car park lighting are designed around providing well lit areas to increase safety for people using the facility. This is especially important if your carpark is used by shoppers and residents. As the car park will be a factor for attracting them to the building. Not only will it make them feel safer but it also a real deterrent for crime.

For employers it is important to meet australian standards for car park lighting to ensure their employees have safe access to their cars. Whether it is outdoor car park lighting or retrofitting indoor car park lighting, we can design, install and maintain the car park lights. Our electricians work on all types such as multi floor car parks, single level carparks and enclosed or open carparks.

Speak to us today for advice and price guides on car park lighting design.

  • Exit ramps
  • Entrance lighting for car parks
  • Car park stairway lighting
  • Car park walkway lighting
  • External car park lighting

We will give you complete car park lighting solutions from timers, partial switching options, led light options, energy efficiency, cost efficiency and car park lighting that easily withstands environmental conditions all year round.

Contact Max Power Electrical today for a free assessment on how we can add lighting to your carpark, basement or similar environment