Smart Lighting

Control your lighting via your mobile

Bluetooth wireless technology combined with smart lighting innovation is moving smart switches from a costly CBUS system to an app on your smartphone. Our Max Power team are passionate about smart technology and home automation. When new products enter the market we learn all there is – and this new smart tech means it’s going to be cheaper for installation and therefore much more accessible than CBUS.

What is Smart Lighting?


Smart lighting solutions provide many benefits like energy efficiency, automated control and scene lighting. Scene lighting is grouping lights into event-specific function; dimming lights for romantic dinners, turning on all lights in the event of a night emergency, security lighting on timers when away – all controlled by an app on your phone.

What are Smart Switches?

The Pixie Smart Light Switch is a Wifi controlled switch replacing the existing light switch panel. All of our products and electrical work is at the Australian standard, ensuring safety and quality work. You cannot DIY smart light switches as they are wired to your homes main electrical circuits. The Smart switches are installed by our electricians and compatible with Google and Alexa via the Pixie app.

The Pixie smart switches are controlled via a companion Pixie smartphone app. You can turn the lights on or off, set up automatic timers and create groups plus scene lighting. Smart switches also provide great functionality to workplaces, set up timers for lights or create scene lighting for commercial spaces.


  • Schedule your lighting to switch on and off during holidays
  • Memory function means the app will learn your habits and make suggestions
  • Sync theatre strip lights to music and movie soundtracks
  • Manage all your devices via the one app
  • Set up scene lighting
  • Turn on security lighting automatically at dusk
  • Custom schedules so your lights switch on and off or dim at set times
  • Complete manual control of your lighting via an app
  • Retrofit to existing homes – no new costly wiring
  • Group switches together and turn on with one touch


We will test your wifi signal and if it needs a boost we have the full SAL range of products including a Wifi signal booster.

Group Lighting

Setup group lighting to control lights and scenes for sleep, dinner parties, holidays etc. You control this with one touch and turn on multiple lights or dim them – whatever your programmed scene is.

Pixie App Control

Simply install the app on your smartphone and tablet, it is available on both Google and Apple. Then connect it to your Wifi and you can now initiate the WIfi setup on the switch. The app will auto search and connect all of your smart switches to your control. We can also help you setup the app to make sure the smart lighting system is up and running.

Contact A Smart Lighting Expert Near You

Smart Lighting controls are a great affordable option for home automation. Max Power Electrical can give you advice on smart lighting automation installation for your home or business. We service all areas of Melbourne Metro and smaller areas of Melbourne regional. Contact us for a quote today!

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