Solar Bollard Lighting

Max Power Electrical supplies and installs solar bollards across Victoria. We are experienced in commercial installation of solar bollards for:

  • solar bollard installed at councilPathways and open spaces
  • Jetties
  • Commercial buildings
  • Carparks
  • Public access ways
  • Pedestrian traffic areas
  • Apartment buildings
  • Government and council buildings
  • Park lighting
  • Security and perimeter lighting
  • Public and and private shared stairwells
  • Council and government solar lighting
  • Building security lighting
  • Off-Grid solar powered lighting system
  • Environmentally sensitive sites


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solar bollard lighting installation in melbourne

LED Bollard Lighting

Solar bollards make for a great cost saving alternative to electricity. The solar bollards provide safety lighting and are vandal resistant. The team at Max Power Electrical are specialists in the commercial supply and installation of solar powered bollards. We use the leading Australia supplier Leadsun for the Edge series of LED bollards. Which offers the latest in controlled lighting technology. The look of the solar bollards is described as a ‘sharp’ architectural appearance. And are designed perfectly for defining pedestrian access areas.

The solar bollards are developed and designed to be environmentally friendly for installation as well as solar powered. They only require shallow trenching meaning little environmental impact and disruption. Designed and manufactured in Australia they are made to be cost effective, easy to install and minimise disruption the the existing landscape.The bollards work perfectly on Leadsun’s AE6 series solar engines which can be installed remotely away from the bollards making sure they receive the best “direct sunlight’. And give a reliable power supply to the bollards all year round.

The LED module on the bollard is hidden within the bollard which controls the lighting and projects it downward and asymmetrically directly onto the pathway from both sides of the bollard.


Key Benefits

  • Extra Low Voltage means for off-grid Solar Powered connectivity
  • Easy and low cost installation compared to mains powered lighting systems
  • Controlled lighting output perfect for pathways and pedestrian access areas
  • Robust construction with vandal resistant LED module recessed within bollard head
  • Architectural & Aesthetically pleasing design with choice of powder coating colours
  • CREE ‘LED’ technology provides ‘bright & crisp’ illumination with 10 years effective life

Solar Bollard Lighting Installation Melbourne

Max Power Electrical installs solar bollards fast, easy and with minimal disruption. To find out how much it costs to install solar bollards simply give us a call for a free installation quote. We are experienced in commercial installation solar bollards and have completed supply and installation projects over many years. Our team will work with your specifications and requirements to deliver the best outcome.


Installation Process

  • Footing Post: Typically the bollard is installed within a 600mm deep concrete footing
    where the base section is levelled ‘plumb’ in readiness for the installation of the bollard post.
  • Bollard Post: Once the base section has been installed and the concrete has cured, the bollard post ‘sleeves’ over the base section and is fixed together by ‘theft proof’ screws.
  • Bollard Head: The final piece of assembly is connecting the incoming 24Vdc cabling directly to the internal controller.

Off-Grid Solar Bollards Lighting Solutions

Max Power Electrical supplies and installs renewable energy systems. All of our electricians are qualified, trained and experienced in solar power installations. We provide a full service from design advice, supply of solar equipment/technology plus installation and maintenance.

No job is to big. Contact us today for a free on your solar powered lighting installation job.

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