Exhaust Fan Installation in Melbourne

Reliable electrician in Melbourne installing exhaust fans that last

Max Power Electrical is a leading exhaust fan installation expert in Melbourne and across the Eastern and Northern suburbs of Melbourne. Our Electricians provide exhaust fan ventilation systems and installation for homes, offices, commercial properties. Plus apartment buildings in the city and surrounding inner suburbs. An exhaust fan will prevent mould, mildew and stale air in your kitchen and bathrooms.

Correct air circulation stops mould build up which can be a serious threat to health. And kitchen exhaust fans stop grease building up in the air, grease stains, odours and fumes permeating your home. It is also a requirement that homes have exhaust fans to be up to code. Speak to our team for advice on size and type of exhaust fan best suited for your space.

  • Kitchen, bathroom, toilet and laundry exhaust fans
  • Commercial Ventilation Fan Installations
  • Sub-Floor Ventilation Installations – basements and underground car parks
  • Free in home quote to ensure correct size and location of exhaust fans
  • Energy efficient exhaust fans – lower power consumption
  • Ceiling mounted, wall mounted and window exhaust fans
  • Exterior exhaust fans – expel indoor air outside
  • Inline ventilation systems – installed between ducts and hard to ventilate rooms

What Exhaust Fan is Best in 2024?

This will depend on what is required of the exhaust fan. Capacity and size of the fan needs to be right, otherwise, the air will be not be circulated enough to prevent mould, mildew and stale air. But getting a fan that’s too big will just mean you are spending more on power bills than is needed. Call our team at Max Power for a free in home quote so we can assess exactly what is going to work best. And get you the best priced exhaust fan cost.

One of our suppliers for ventilation systems is Fantech, which is a leading manufacturer in the field. We choose to use their products as they produce energy efficient products and systems that lower energy use, look good and are guaranteed. Get the best at the best price with Max Power Electrical.

Fantech’s products are designed for residential through to commercial/industrial sites & have options for the rapid response exhaust fans, round grille, square grille, LED light in colour of choice (warm white, daylight, cool white) in the centre, white & black option to match existing tapware etc. With a built-in run-on timer option, they can be fully ducted to outside air to comply with BCA AS1668.2, & have a built-in draft stopper. Failure to comply with these standards could result in ‘sick building syndrome’. 

Sick building syndrome

Studies have shown that people need fresh air and natural light for their health and wellbeing. Most of the time, sick buildings are created by inefficiencies with air conditioning and ventilation. Much of the time, sick buildings are the result of a build-up of moisture and mould. Living in such a home can lead to eye, nose, throat or skin problems, or hypersensitivity.


Before and after installation of the Fantech system in a residential property.

Commercial Ventilation Systems

At Max Power Electrical we partner with commercial clients to retrofit traditional and outdated ventilation systems. New systems are compliant with code and reduce the running costs with state if the art technology. For instance, the ventilation system does not need to run continuously like old models as it has inbuilt sensors and controllers, able to detect the ventilation rate requirements. The ECOTECH fan range includes duct mounted, wall mounted and roof mounted models and come standard with a 0-10V control input.

The extensive range of ECOTECH sensors and controllers are installed easily by our skilled electricians and provide the flexibility to suit most types of applications. The range of sensors includes differential pressure, humidity, temperature and air velocity. Call us for advice on the best system for your building.

Home Ventilation Systems Melbourne

exhaust fan installed in bathroom or kitchen

Another regular electrical job our Max Power Electricians perform is the installation of home ventilation systems. These systems provide great air circulation and air flow through exhaust fans and ducts. These systems can be installed with or retrofitted to existing heating and cooling ductwork. And the home ventilation systems are energy efficient ensuring low energy consumption.

These systems reduce air pollutants, humidity and odours. Plus they can heat fresh air as it is pumped into your home or office space. The ducts can be fitted in the subfloor or ceiling spaces. For more information contact us at Max Power Electrical.

Contact us for exhaust fan and ventilation systems across Melbourne- we offer all services including Installation – Maintenance – Repair.

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Max Power Electrical office is located at 6/8 Oleander Dr, Mill Park VIC 3082. We assist clients to in all aspects of electrical work at their property. Our electricians visit the enter Melbourne metro area and can often see you at short notice.  Need a Electrician in Melbourne, Victoria to assist with exhaust fan installation or other electrical service? Contact Us