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Old style fuses can be a fire waiting to happen, they take 20% longer to blow a fuse than a circuit
breaker takes to trip, & now with the combination safety switch / circuit breaker you get every light
& power circuit in the house protected individually so if one area has a fault you are not taking out
the entire house or numerous circuits.

With the changing of regulations in recent years, to avoid this practice where one safety switch
was fitted to the switchboard to cover all the power circuits or sometimes the entire house, now it
is required no more than 3 circuits per safety switch.

We have found that even this can make it difficult for our customers to self diagnose a faulty
appliance & quite often assist over the phone trying to avoid coming out for a simple fault that we
have found can be avoided by installing individual safety switch / circuit breakers also known as

When you have RCBO’s fitted you can very easily identify which circuit is affected & through the
process of elimination find what is causing a circuit to trip. As we have discovered through
extensive experience of phone calls from customers that if they had of had RCBO’s on every
circuit, a fault on one circuit wouldn’t be an emergency situation as the whole house isn’t affected
& they could most likely find the fault themselves which will save them having to call an electrician.
When you have the old style porcelain fused switchboard you & your family are not safe as the
switchboard will not cut off in the event of an unsafe appliance, or an overloaded circuit until it is
too late.

The easiest way to explain what a safety switch is versus a circuit breaker which is
often confused & customers have believed that they already had safety switches fitted.

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SAFETY SWITCH or RCD ( Residual Current Device )

The safety switch is there to protect you in the event a a faulty appliance or your kids perhaps
stick something in a power point, or a pet chews through a lead which are common events in the
household. They can also indicate an appliance is getting tired if you have a reoccurring nuisance
trip, or water has got into an outside light fitting.

Our Switchboard Upgrades include installing a safety switch so that your home and family are protected.


The circuit breaker in the switchboard is there to protect the cable by thermally limiting the current passing through
the device & will trip if it is being overloaded which in turns prevents the cable from getting hot
which on fuses can take 20% longer to trip which can be a disaster leading to fire.


This combination of the safety switch & circuit breaker has meant in the last few years that the
size of a switchboard is reduced & due the increasing supply & demand the cost has come down
making this the best choice & the only way to go.


The surge protector is an over voltage device which can be installed quite easily at the time of a
switchboard upgrade. We have seen these protect customers from power lines falling in the street
& surging through switchboards & appliances, lightning strikes. The surge protector will divert any
over voltage down to earth, instead of taking the path through your computers or other electronics
which are extremely sensitive & will often indicate a surge has occurred. The ones we used have a
cartridge which is easily replaceable by the customer.

Switchboard Replacement Cost

We are quite available to discuss with you & in most cases can give you a very accurate quotation
via a photo of your switchboard which we welcome you to email or text message for a no
obligation price, which we will review & due to over 20 years experience can let you know our price and cost of replacing or upgrading the switchboard.

So what are you waiting for ? Call today for your free inspection. There are no heavy sales tactics. If you need a switchboard replacement or switchboard upgrade we will present you with your options so you can make the best choice for your family and home.

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