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Improve the look and safety of your home, with waterproof LED Downlights. Fully installed by Max Power Electrical

Home Led Lighting Installation

LED lighting is quickly becoming popular in most homes and business’ today, and there have never been as many options for your personal choices and needs, as there are today. LED Lighting is the best known option for power saving, and bringing down cost on utility bills for your home.

We specialise in LED lighting installation and LED conversions, and we can convert you existing lights into the latest technology to save you money. Call us on 1300 795 922 now.

Call us immediately if ANY of the following applies:

  • Old Halogeon lights are flickering
  • A new globe doesn’t work
  • You need an electrician to install your lights
  • You are concerned about safety of existing halogen downlights or other
  • You can smell smoke (also call 000)
  • You want a modern look
  • You have had a free LED Lighting company put poor quality lights in your home (or business) and want a safety check
  • You want sensor lights installed
  • You have any concerns about lighting in your home in general

What is LED Lighting?

A normal conventional light, such as a 60W Halogen Bulb can be simply replaced with an LED that may only push out 4-10W however the exact same amount of light, and colour (Colour can also be changed) So that being said, it could take as much as 10 LED lights to match the same energy output as a standard Halogen Globe.

Benefits of LEDs

Life Span: LED lights have a usual life span of 50,000 hours. This would mean that changing over a globe is basically not needed ever, for the LED will basically never die.

Cost: LED lights were expensive at first, but like everything they have dropped in price, and now buying them is better than ever before.

Energy Saving: LED lights are amazing for Energy saving, and they will reduce your electrical bill by quite some amount. (Energy saving amounts varies depending on what you have done)

Looks: LED lights look newer, and more stylish then older fittings.

We have done Big and small jobs, from 100’s of lights to only a few, and with each job, our customers have been satisfied. We at Max Power Electrical are big believers in LED lighting and strongly recommend you to consider LED lighting for your needs. We are also able to install a wide range of Australian lighting. If you’ve bought pendant lighting or other types of lights, ensure a qualified electrician installs them in your home.

Before and After

before and after led lighting installation

Led Lighting Installation Melbourne

Book Max Power Electrical to install or convert your home lighting now. Call us on 1300 795 922

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