Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is useful for more than just security lighting, it brings your garden to life at night and can make your outdoor entertaining area great for nighttime. Solar outdoor lighting is excellent for highlighting your favourite tree and make your paths safe for visitors.

With the migration to LED garden lighting, the lighting is safer as it doesn’t create the same heat as older halogen technology, so is not a fire risk if leaves are touching it. And importantly uses one-tenth of the power to achieve the same effect. You can now use a 5watt LED instead of 50watt halogen bulbs. 

outdoor lighting installations in melbourne

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

backyard lighting experts in melbourneDon’t wait for daylight savings to enjoy your outdoor areas. If you have landscaping, decking or features such as a fire pit or outdoor spa they can be enjoyed all year round! Using low voltage outdoor lighting to illuminate your gardens and decking creates luxurious fell in your backyard. Outdoor lighting can be set up to artfully highlight spaces as well as light up outdoor areas for use at night like outdoor barbecues and dining. We can design and install landscape lighting that enhances your home’s appearance and livability.

The variety of deck lights, path lights and weatherproof LED strip lighting can cover all your outdoor area and is great for entertaining and parties. Integrated pool lighting makes your pool look a million dollars but the cost of pool lighting is extremely affordable!

Combinations of good garden lighting selection, with Smart switches, now gives you full freedom to control from your phone, set times for the lights to come on, so you are welcomed home from work in style. 

Due to the low voltage used for garden lighting, it does not require any major trenching works and is safe for use in water features and pool areas.

Outdoor Lighting Electrician Expert

Max Power Electrical is a leading Outdoor Lighting Electrician in Melbourne, we are experienced with established garden homes and new home landscaping lighting. 

Our outdoor garden lighting includes;

  • Sensor Lights
  • Automated Smart LED garden lights
  • Wall lamps
  • Flood-lights
  • Path and step lighting
  • Deck lighting
  • LED strip lights
  • Underwater lights for pools, ponds and water fountains
  • Festoon string lighting
  • Outdoor Garden Light

Smart Home Automated Garden Lighting

Turn on your garden lights without flipping a switch, with our smart Pixie lighting. We are experts on smart lighting and can automate your outdoor lighting. Set up your garden lights to turn on at dusk and even set up coloured scene lighting for outdoor parties. Its easily controlled buy a pixie app on your phone. The cost if smart lighting is very affordable and completely transforms how you interact and use your home’s lighting. 

With automated outdoor lighting garden lights turn on at set times and automatically when they sense activity in the garage or front door. And an excellent security deterrent you can set up holiday programs when you are away, which will run a randomised schedule of outdoor lights. 


Contact Max Power Electrical

lighting around plants Contact us for all your outdoor lighting projects or repairs. The Max Power Electrical team work across commercial, residential and industrial properties for outdoor lighting and work with both copper and solar outdoor lighting.  We are located in the Melbourne suburb of Mill Park with a team of 10 electricians. We regularity visit all areas of Melbourne metro, North Melbourne, South Melbourne, East Melbourne and West Melbourne.