Why is a Split-System a Better Heater than Gas Ducted Heating

cool couple sitting under new split system air conditioning unit

Save money and reduce your carbon footprint.


Don’t be so quick to put away the split system remote in these cooler Melbourne, Autumn and Winter months and reach for the ducted gas button. You can reduce your power bills by using efficient electric power and heat your home through the split system air conditioner.

It’s still thought by many people that gas is cheaper to use than electricity, but gas prices are rising and by switching to energy efficient electric appliances your household bills will be lower. Electric appliances are made to harness electricity in a manner that saves energy and powers the appliance effectively. This is how a split system can heat your rooms and home cheaper than a gas appliance.

To understand this further think of heat pumps for hot water and reverse cycle air conditioners; they can use one megajoule of energy to transfer between 4-5 MJ of heat. Whilst a gas ducted heater only reaches at most 0.9MJ from 1 MJ of heat. Plus the gas ducted heater loses almost a third of air through going up the flue to prevent carbon monoxide. Your electricity is by far much better at transferring energy from one unit than gas.



Australia’s gas industry messages the image of low cost compared to electricity to the public. One of the reasons they may do so is to counteract the problems such as coal seam gas and environmental issues caused by gas production. And obviously, it’s a simple sales trick to promote your product as cheaper than its main competitor.

What cannot be denied is that gas is not as efficient as electricity. Even though gas may be cheaper per unit of energy it loses its savings by having to use more units to power than electricity. Electricity harnesses energy efficiency much better than gas power and combined with smart appliances like split systems and water pumps the power used may have a higher cost per unit than gas but will use much fewer units, therefore, saving money. Not only is it more economical to use a split system to heat your home compared to a ducted heating system it’s more environmentally friendly as well.

Research completed by industry experts has shown many households would save money by switching to smart electric appliances such as reverse cycle air conditioners to heat their homes, plus reduce carbon emissions. But the gas industry has long promoted the opposite. Why not test it out yourself and service your split system ready for heating your home or install a split system, if you do not have one. Plus if your appliance is too old to be considered energy efficient and ‘smart’ it’s probably time to upgrade your split-system.

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