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Why Broken Powerpoints Could Be Costing You Money

power point install

Broken power points can be unsafe and unsightly but also cost you money in paying for power not being used properly. Max Power Electrical offers powerpoint testing, repairs and installation and recommends upgrading from single power points to double. A safety check and fault check will determine

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What you really need to know about Solar Panels

Solar panels have a typical payback period of 4 to 7 years. This does depend on each households energy consumption. The best way to take advantage of solar panels is to use them the right way. Solar energy is used first by your appliances and any surplus

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How Do You Test Your Safety Switch?

test safety switch

Do you need to test your safety switch? Fire services run a campaign to change your smoke alarms at the start of Daylight savings. But it is also a great time to check your safety switch to make sure your home or business will protect people from

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What is Smart Home Automation?

Smart Home Automation is the next big trend for homeowners and builders. If you are unsure of what exactly home automation is or how it will benefit you then take a look at these top home automation ideas. Our Smart Home Automation Electricians can advise you individually

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