Solar Battery Storage

Tesla batteries are coming down in price and as a registered tesla electrician, Max Power Electrical can help you purchase the right tesla battery for your home or business.

This is an investment and critical to install correctly. Self-generated solar power from stored batteries is increasing in popularity. And this is because solar storage batteries are becoming much more cost-effective. Our experienced Melbourne solar electricians will map out a plan of installation including location and go over everything with you in detail. Storage batteries for your solar system will power your home in the evening when the sun is on the other side of the world and the time people use the most power.

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tesla solar batterySolar Batteries – How do they work?

Solar batteries store excess electricity generated by the solar panels and make it available for later use. Self-generated power saves $$$ as you are using your own supply rather than from the grid that charges you. In Melbourne, solar batteries generate self-power on cloudy days or night time. Solar battery installation is rising in popularity because of recent price drops in lithium-ion batteries and design improvements for home installation. A solar system needs to be at least 5kW to generate enough power to charge the battery.

Solar batteries mean you will not use as much electricity from a retailer and therefore save more on your electricity bills. They can power your home at night not just during the day, making the most of your solar system. A battery stores the surplus energy instead of feeding it back into the grid. So you may not have a feed-in tariff applied to your bills but you save by not using the grid but your batteries surplus energy first. And the trade-off by forfeiting feed-in tariffs is actually saving more money by allowing you to use your solar-generated energy 24 hours a day.

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Storage-Ready Solar System

Max Power Electrical future proof your system by installing battery ready solar. This means we make sure your system is the right kW size to store surplus energy and the inverter is ready for future installation. So if you want to invest in solar but not in a solar battery just yet we make sure when you do invest it will be cheaper as your system is ready.

Solar storage batteries do more than just save you cash on electricity bills. Benefits include being able to run electric appliances on your own power, reducing the impact of future electricity price rises and reducing your carbon footprint.

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Can I add a Battery to my Existing Solar System?

Yes – if you already have solar panels installed we can add a solar storage battery to your system. Retrofitted solar batteries must be installed by a licensed electrician. They are typically AC coupled connecting directly to the 240V AC in the switchboard using an AC battery inverter. We can discuss adding extra panels and increasing your kW to be able to store more surplus energy. If your system is less than 5 kW we recommended upgrading to at least that size.

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How do I Decide if a Storage Battery is Worth it for my Solar System?

Our team installs storage batteries for solar systems in both residential homes and commercial properties. For commercial businesses like factories or offices that run overnight storage batteries can provide the electricity to power the building at night. Contact us for your home or business and we can give you advice plus a price on installing a storage battery for your existing solar system. Or a full quote for the installation of a solar system and storage battery. And remember even if you decide at this time you cannot make the financial investment on a battery we can install a battery ready solar system ready for installation when the time comes.

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