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Save $1000 on average every year with Solar


Home power use is growing in price every year, solar installation stops that cost rising. Plus there are still rebates available to help save on installation costs. Find out how much you can save on your electricity costs by sending us a recent power bill. At Max Power Electrical we are specialist solar power electricians and we can look over your latest electricity bill and tell you exactly how much you will save.


This is a free solar proposal quote and we will not chase you with a hard sell. It’s simply a way to show you how much solar power saves you. Because we are certified solar installers and electricians we complete the whole process from start to finish. We even take care of the paperwork for you. To find out the right size solar system to power your home, the cost and how much you will save on your power bill. Simply upload a recent bill now.


We install battery-ready solar power and help you get the right rebate to save on solar installation costs. Solar Victoria a government authority advises that households typically save up to $1000 per year on their electricity bills with solar power. 


That’s $10,000 over 10 years!


How Much is the Solar Rebate?


  • Rebate up to $1400
  • Interest-free loan up to $1400 (same amount up to rebate)
  • The loan can be repaid over 4 years and paid out at anytime


Solar power will offset high power usage and all we need is a copy of your recent electricity bill to provide you with a quote for battery-ready solar power. 


Solar Savings and Clean Energy Finance


Max Power Electrical installs solar for homes and businesses. Some of our business clients include the RACV, Mcdonald’s and the Melbourne Zoo. And we install solar in homes across all of Metro Melbourne. Our team of electricians are highly experienced and makes sure your solar panels work to maximum efficiency. Which saves you the most $$$ on energy bills. Solar system installation is our specialty and we can guide you through the rebate process. 


Cut Out the Middleman and Avoid Shonky Solar Operators


Max Power Electrical are certified electricians and solar installers. We help you with the whole process of applying for rebates and government solar loans. Do not use middlemen companies that just set up the paperwork and sell your business to installers. Middlemen solar companies typically work by booking in the solar installation with you and then selling your business. We control the quality of every aspect as we do it all and know exactly what to do. 

Cut out the middleman and be guaranteed quality solar panels that last. Not poorly made panels that will not last the test of time. 


How do I claim the VIC solar rebate?


  • We do it for you – no need to worry about it!
  • We upload your quote to the Solar Victoria Portal
  • Once this is complete we need a copy of your council rates and proof of income for the rebate 
  • After approval from Solar Victoria, we get your eligibility number
  • Then we can proceed with the installation
  • The rebate is deducted directly from the total cost

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