Tesla Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

We offer electric vehicle charger installations for your home or business. Have you bought a Tesla or Hybrid Electric car? Installing a Tesla or EV charger in your garage is the perfect solution to charge your electric car. Our electrician will also check your switchboard to make sure it’s capable of handling the charger.

Speak to us about our solar package and utilise a solar battery to store excess solar power which the charger can use overnight to power the electric car. We are certified solar installers so if you do not have any solar panels or want to upgrade to a Tesla solar battery our electricians can quote and install.

Home EV chargers are almost 10 times more powerful than a normal wall outlet. Charge your electric car overnight and be good to go with a full charge in the morning. Overnight is the optimum time to charge the car as it is off-peak electricity rates. If you have a Tesla solar battery the excess solar power stored is used first. We can give you a quote for a solar battery upgrade or for a complete solar panel and battery package.

Our Electrician will inspect and determine a suitable location for the chargepoint, inspect the switchboard for electrical supply and advise if any upgrade is needed.

What is the Best EV Charger for Home Charging?

All EV Chargers must be installed by a certified and licensed electrician. Think about the most convenient spot you want to park your car so the charger is installed in the best spot. We recommend no more than 3m from the connection port to the car. A good spot is near the garage door as then you have the option of charging inside plus outside the garage. Future proof for any newer generation models having 3 phase power connection is ideal. We can give you advice on this and check if your building has access to 3 phase power.

Usually, when you purchase an electric car it comes with a portable charging cable. These are known as level 1 chargers and are the slowest option for charging the car. Think of them more as emergency charging if charging stations are not available. They use a normal wall outlet, power point for power. Level 1 chargers give you only a few kilometres per hour of charge – enough to get home. 

Level 2 (faster charger)  home charging stations are optimal as they provide 3 times faster charging power and 10 times more powerful. This is the EV charger we install and typically the unit will output 7 kilowatts of power providing a full charge overnight. So if you have or are thinking of purchasing a Tesla or Electric Hybrid car you should also install a home charging unit to get the most convenient and powerful charge at home.

How Much Does it Cost to Install Home EV Charger?

Most of the cost is for the hardware itself and we can provide an estimate over the phone. Once we inspect your home and switchboard we can give you a complete quote. As a guide, the cost to install a home EV charging station can be anywhere from $1000 to $3000.

This is also a good opportunity to get a quote on solar panels, solar panel upgrades and installing a solar battery. Just ask our Electrician to give you a free quote.>

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