Commercial Solar Street and Outdoor Lighting

Save on Installation and Maintenance Costs with Solar Power

Max Power Electrical provides commercial and industrial solar LED Lighting solutions for the following commercial solar outdoor lighting;

  • Street Lights
  • Car Park Lights
  • Crossing and safety lights
  • Advertising and signage lighting
  • Temporary signage and signals
  • Exterior apartment lighting
  • Path and walkway lighting
  • Park lighting
  • Solar CCTV
  • Housing estates
  • Security and perimeter lighting
  • Public and and private shared stairwells
  • Council and government solar lighting
  • Building security lighting
  • Off-Grid solar powered lighting system
  • Environmentally sensitive sites
  • Jetties and coastal areas
  • Construction sites
  • Mining sites
  • Industrial sites
  • Factories
  • Any client request

Max Power Electrical are specialist commercial and industrial electricians. We are experienced in working on projects for street lighting, factories, corporate buildings, industrial sites and large commercial outdoor spaces. One of our most popular and growing services is  the commercial installation of solar lighting. Businesses have a better understanding now of the huge cost savings in solar power lighting. Stand alone solar powered lighting brings savings in installation, ongoing maintenance, no mains cable installation costs and of course ongoing electricity bills.

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Easy Solar Powered Lighting Installation Melbourne with Max Power Electrical

One of the key benefits of a solar powered lighting includes the easy installation of the lighting poles. No concrete footings are required with these poles. The poles require no trenching for cable power and can be lowered by an attachable manual winch system or simply walking the pole up or down with one or two people. Which means ongoing maintenance costs are low because if you need to change a light fitting or clean a solar panel  its a simple two person job. No need for ladders and also means quick and easy installation. Our electricians are very experienced in installing solar powered lighting and regularly complete jobs for commercial and industrial installation.

The installation and wiring is completed at ground level which apart from keeping costs low as less equipment and time is needed – it also means less interruptions to day to day activity. For instance any companies wanting to install security solar lighting the carpark can stay open and be accessed by users during installation.


Three Step Easy Installation

We work with the 5 year guaranteed EZYpole because this product offers the best off-grid solar power lighting system in performance and value for money. The solar panel sizes start from 15W and go all the way up to 390W. The solar powered lighting system is designed for easy installation. Our Electricians are experienced in completing the installation quickly and safely. Each pole can be installed in justy under an hour saving you money.

Step one – The Ezyfoot system means no concrete footing is required. Not only a quick installation but one that is environmentally friendly. A unique steel tube anchoring system is embedded into the ground with a jack hammer. And because of no concrete curing time needed, installation can continue without any drying time.

Step two – Install the pole and solar light with the EZYlift lowerable poles. They are immediately fixed into place in the EZYfoot with a unique hinged base plate and removable pivot pin. Now the pole is ready to attach the solar light system via the Quick-Connect cabling system.

Step three – The solar panel is orientated and then raised into position. The EZYlift system means this is only a two person job with no extra equipment needed. The final step is to lock the hinged base plates together and then fix a cover shroud over the base section cover from public.



  • Lithium LiFePO4 Battery (3rd Generation)
  • Dusk to dawn automatic operation
  • Sleek & Modular design
  • Quick connect wiring system
  • 12Vdc regulated output IP66 rated components
  • Optional Wireless Connectivity – bluetooth controlled lighting
  • Timer controlled senses
  • Motion sensor controls


Off-Grid and Solar Power Lighting Solutions for Commercial and Industrial

Max Power Electrical supplies and installs renewable energy systems. All of our electricians are qualified, trained and experienced in solar power installations. We provide a full service from design advice, supply of solar equipment/technology plus installation and maintenance.


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