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Technology advancements in modern electric appliances mean they are super efficient and can be powered by solar. Switch your home to all-electric and make the most of renewable energy with solar panels. And by investing in a solar battery you can increase savings by storing solar power and relying less on the electricity grid. Solar power saves an average home $1,000 per year and $2,000 per year with a solar battery, which is $20,000 over ten years. By switching hot water from gas to electric and gas heating to electric you can save even more!

  • Electric heating and cooling 
  • Induction cooking
  • Electric hot water
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Battery 
  • Electric vehicle charger
  • Upgrade 3-phase switchboard

Efficient electric homes

An all-electric home future-proofs your home if gas gets phased out as suggested by Victorian news reporting as the state looks to cut carbon emissions. But the savings you get from an all-electric powered home is probably a much bigger incentive as it’s an immediate benefit. An all electric solar powered home slashes power bills up to 70% by cutting gas and using renewable energy.

A typical Melbourne home uses gas to power hot water, ducted heating plus cooling and  stove-tops and ovens. This translates into large gas bills, especially in Melbourne’s cold winters. Max Power can switch your home to all-electric and cut out the gas, it’s an investment that pays back by slashing bills by up to 70% if you have solar. No more gas bills! 

Save Money and Reduce Your Carbon footprint

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An all electric home not only saves you cash but reduces your carbon emissions which is great for the environment. Imagine never getting a gas bill again even at the peak of a frosty Melbourne winter. Those winter gas bills are usually over $500!  If you combine an all-electric home with solar power you will again spend less on bills and further reduce carbon emissions.

Max Power Electrical is a one-stop shop for an all-electric home. Our experienced electricians will assess your home and then upgrade all the electrical from mains to 3-phase power that suits solar panels and solar batteries. Plus electric heat pumps for hot water and split systems for heating and cooling. This electrical upgrade will mean your home no longer needs expensive gas for power but is all electric.

Rebates for Switching to an All Electric Home

If you are looking to switch to an all-electric home and want to install solar panels or a solar battery, the Vic government provides rebates. Plus you may be eligible for rebates on new electric hot water and heating.

  • Up to $1400 solar panels
  • Interest free loan up to $8,800 for solar battery
  • Up to $1000 to replace old heater system
  • Up to $1000 to replace the hot water system

Solar panels have an average payback period of 5 years and they cost an average of $5000 to $7000. We are also a clean energy approved solar retailer which means we use quality-made panels and are experts in solar installation. Plus we apply and complete all the paperwork for your solar rebates.

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All Electric Homes Make Financial Sense

Research by Renew which is an expert independent body that provides advice to industry and government on renewable, sustainable energy solutions advises that even if you are just switching one or two appliances from gas to electricity you will still be better off financially.

By switching your heating, cooling, hot water and cooking to electric, you could save hundreds each year in gas connection and supply charges. And electric appliances don’t carry a carbon monoxide risk.

Older gas appliances are not nearly as energy efficient as modern electric appliances. For example, reverse cycle split system air conditioners are also heaters. In fact,  a lot of other parts of the world use these not ducted heaters, they are commonly referred to as heat pumps. Our team will advise you on the right size system and the best location to install it. Not only are these powered by electricity they are extremely energy efficient so cost much less to run than ducted heating.

We recommend Just Plumb for the plumbing installation of a heat pump. They can install a heat pump hot water system with the following benefits;

  • Highly energy efficient
  • Generates hot water all year round
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for narrow areas
  • Electronic user-friendly controller
  • Further savings benefits with pre-existing solar power system

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