Home Electric Car Chargers

The Government predicts 1.7 million zero-emission cars will be registered by 2030 (currently 30,000). And that 80% of us will need access to electric charger infrastructure. For homeowners that means an electric charging station will be the norm in most garages and workplaces.  It will become standard

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One Click Could Save You Almost $1000

Send Your Bill & We Work Out Your Solar Savings We will look at your latest energy bill to determine the right size solar power system for your home and how much solar power will save you every year. Our certified solar electrician team also let you

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Cost of solar is it worth it?

Your investment in Solar power is recouped by the average $900 yearly savings solar panels provide. So for a 5kW system, the cost is recovered within 5-6 years. And if you are home during the day the savings equal a faster payback period of 3-4 years. Homes

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Small Business Solar Rebates May 2021

From May 2021 the Victorian government has introduced new small business solar rebates. Rebates cover up to 50% of a rooftop solar system up to a 30kW system. If your business is eligible, you can apply for a rebate of up to $3,500. The Vic government has

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Split System Air Con FAQ

air con Melbourne

Every year in summer we find a trend in customer calls and bookings – they want air-con installed ASAP. Split system air-conditioning is the best at providing cool, crisp air and unlike ducted evap cooling, it works no matter the humidity levels. We book out fast and

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Are Portable Air Conditioners Good?

portable air con

Thinking Of Buying a Portable Air Conditioner? Make sure you read this first and save money plus time.   Summer is almost here and the weather is warming up. Our summers are predicted to get hotter every year and a string of consecutive 40 degree days or

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What Does It Cost To Install an Air Conditioner?

airconditioning installtion

The end of winter/start of spring is the best time to install air conditioning as our bookings fill up fast after this month. With an uncertain summer ahead we may need to be in our homes much more than normal and if that’s the case then keeping

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Get Instant Asset Write-Off for Commercial Solar

solar panels

updated 21/01/2021 Right now is an excellent time for your business to install commercial solar as the government incentive is a write-off up to $150,000. Slash your energy bills and reduce your tax bill! The government increased the instant tax write off five fold due to the

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