Why Broken Powerpoints Could Be Costing You Money

power point install

Broken power points can be unsafe and unsightly but also cost you money in paying for power not being used properly. Max Power Electrical offers powerpoint testing, repairs and installation and recommends upgrading from single power points to double. A safety check and fault check will determine if any old power points are unsafe and need replacing. Plus we can install new power points in the right places to eliminate the use of extension cords and take away the hassle of connecting to hard to reach power points.

Electricity bills can be lowered through the smart use of power. The easiest way to save is by switching off power points when not in use. This will save you 10% at bill time. Next, fix and replace any cracked or aged powerpoints and replace single points with double sockets. Or in the case of high use spots like TV/home entertainment, we can install more points. Saving the need for power boards or a nest of extension cords.

Cracked or broken power points can be unsafe due to the live wires becoming exposed. Make sure you call our qualified electrician team and do not attempt to repair yourself.

We have a safety check package that includes testing points and checking the installation of power to your home. If you find when you switch on a certain point in combination with another your power goes out them most likely the electrician has installed wires incorrectly to your home. And this can happen in new homes as well as older homes.

Getting your power points tested and replaced if needed means you can implement power-saving habits such as switching off and making sure power is only used when needed.

Our Powerpoint & Data Point Installation 101 article has some important information as to why replacing powerpoints is a job for the professionals.

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