PowerPoint & Data Point Installation 101

Power Point & Data Point Installation – Costs and What to Expect

Powerpoints need to be installed by an electrician, not by DIY. Even for upgrading or replacing only a licensed Electrician should perform the job. At Max Power, we book many Melbourne electrician jobs for power points. Older homes often need new power points installed as these days we have many more tech gadgets and home appliances than the age in which these homes were built. It was common for only one power point in bedrooms and two in living rooms in period homes. Renovation a period or older home always includes adding power points and upgrading the wiring. Newer homes are generally built with a bigger number of power points but may need upgraded switches or smart automation power points.

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How Much Does it Cost to Install Data Points?

The cost can vary depending on factors such as, the existing wiring, location of new powerpoint, style/design and how complicated the installation may be. On average it could be anywhere from $150 to $300 or less but it will vary on size of job as we can add discounts to bring down the overall price. For instance, installing a certain amount of new points means we can add discounts. Our Max Power electrician team install power points regularly and we are the best electrician for the job. We will give you the price upfront and let you know exactly what to expect.

The first thing we look at is your electrical system and wiring. A simple job can be installing a couple of new powerpoints but if we are installing a higher number it could affect the wiring and overload the system. Meaning switching on more than one appliance could switch off your power. Or worse cause wiring to heat and catch fire. As mentioned above, older homes may need some new wiring and a safety switch installed to prevent electrical fires and electrical shocks. Let us know if any of the following have happened;

  • Flickering lights
  • Power turning off when using more than one appliance
  • Safety switch being triggered if using more than one appliance or certain appliance together
  • Blown fuses in switchboard

Plus alert us to any;

  • Burn marks
  • Melted areas
  • Exposed wires
  • Loose or broken wall plates
  • Broken switches
  • Sparking

If these are issues it may be your switchboard and wiring that needs to be addressed. It could be an easy fix or a bigger issue that means your switchboard needs replacement. In any case we will make sure safety is paramount as faulty wiring and switchboards can result in electrical fires.

Power Point Installation Guide

  • Upgrade single to double
  • Check all existing points
  • Install more power points in internal walls
  • Install new power points in external areas – deck, garage, outside lights/security
  • Upgrade can include data points
  • Upgrade or repair heavy duty specialist power points (points to air cons, gas hot water, solar etc)
  • Great range of designer powerpoints (brushed metal, black, matte etc)

DIY Powerpoint Installation

DIY installing power points is definitely a no go – electrical upgrades must be left to licensed electricians. Do not put yourself or your home in danger. Electrical fires and electric shocks are a real danger of DIY electrical work. Installing a new powerpoint or repairing a broken one may seem like a small job but there are complicated steps involved. Call us for a free quote or advice on the phone so we can help you or send us a message or read more about our power point installation services in Melbourne. 

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