New Solar Battery Interest Free Loan

$8,800 Interest-Free Loan 

Get an interest-free loan to install a Tesla or Enphase solar battery with Max Power, limited to one per household. The Vic government is now offering interest-free loans of up to $8,800 for you to install a home solar battery.  The time to transition to clean, renewable solar energy has never been better!

Store Solar and Save!

Solar Victoria’s program will make it easier for you to transition to solar power with interest-free solar battery loans of up to $8,800. Now, you can affordably and sustainably power your home with the best solar battery systems on the market.

The interest-free loan is paid back over 4 years and reduces the upfront out-of-pocket costs making it more affordable. If you take out the maximum loan, then your repayments would be $183.34 per month. And remember solar saves you on average $1073 and then add battery savings of $640 per year – that’s $1713 in savings – $142.75 per month!


Make the Switch and Start Saving

The switch to solar energy is an investment that pays back over time. Remember, the cost of the loan is often offset by the energy bill savings you’ll make. Plus, with an interest-free loan from Solar Victoria, you can significantly reduce your upfront costs.


Enphase vs Tesla 

The Enphase solar battery has just landed on Australian shores, and they are flying out the door. Want to compare Enpahse and Tesla? Read our blog here 

Book Now or Miss Out!

We expect to take a lot of solar battery bookings with this new interest-free loan from the Vic Gov. Combine this with the flurry of bookings we have taken for the new Enphase battery we are booking out fast! Get in touch now so you don’t have to wait months! As the interest-free loan is limited to 4,500 households.