Why Does a Switchboard Overload

Is your switchboard tripping or overloaded? A switchboard overload can cause an electrical fire which is dangerous, and a tripping circuit breaker can cause a fire in an electrical appliance or permanently break it. Not to mention how annoying it is to turn an appliance on only for the power to turn off.

What is a switchboard?

A switchboard is a panel of electrical switches that are used to control the flow of electricity to lights, appliances, and other electrical devices in a building. The main switchboard is usually found on the front side of the house. In an apartment, the main switchboard is usually found in the laundry, kitchen or linen closet. Occasionally the main switchboard may be located in a central position in the basement of the building.

What Causes a Switchboard overload?

Is your safety switch tripping regularly and turning off your power? This can occur when there is a problem with the electricity exceeding the circuit output. It may be caused by too many appliances plugged in, a faulty appliance or a wiring issue. When this happens, the current flowing through the switchboard exceeds the safe limit of the electrical supply and can cause a fire or an electrical shock. 

How do you fix an overloaded circuit?

If you have an overloaded circuit, you need to find the appliance or light that is causing the electrical fault and unplug it. If there are too many high-wattage appliances on one circuit, you may need to get a new switchboard with more circuits. If you have an old switchboard it might be time for a new one. Max Power offers switchboard replacement and simply gives us a call. 

How can you prevent an overloaded circuit?

One way to prevent an overloaded circuit is to install a circuit breaker. This is a safety switch that will automatically shut off the power to a circuit when it senses that the current flowing through the circuit has exceeded the safe limit. A licensed electrician must install the safety switch. 

Circuit breakers and safety switches – the ultimate protection

Breakers and safety switches are devices that help protect you and your family from electrical fires. If an overloaded circuit causes too much current to flow through a switchboard, the breaker will trip and shut off the power to that circuit.

This will prevent the fire from starting. Safety switches are also designed to detect overheating in appliances and will automatically shut off the power to that appliance. This will help prevent an electrical fire from starting in the appliance.

Both breaker boxes and safety switches are important safety features in your home and should be inspected regularly to make sure they are working properly. If you have any questions about your breaker box, please contact a licensed electrician.

So, as you can see, it is very important to prevent overloaded circuits. Not only can they cause a fire, but they can also give you an electric shock.

Please keep in mind that overloaded circuits can be very dangerous and can cause a fire or an electrical shock. It is important to take the necessary precautions to prevent this from happening. One way to do this is by using a safety switch.

These devices will automatically shut off the power to a circuit when it senses that the current flowing through the circuit has exceeded the safe limit.

Reasons your switch might trip

There are a few reasons your safety switch might trip. One reason might be because of an overloaded circuit. If too many appliances running are plugged into the switchboard, it is important to make sure that the total power consumption of all the devices does not exceed the safe limit for the switchboard.

Another reason your switch might trip is because of a short circuit. A short circuit is when electricity takes a shortcut through the wiring, which can cause a fire.

If you smell something burning, it might be an indication of a short circuit. Be sure to turn off all appliances and contact a licensed electrician if you think there might be a problem with your electrical wiring.


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