What is Smart Home Automation?

Smart Home Automation is the next big trend for homeowners and builders. If you are unsure of what exactly home automation is or how it will benefit you then take a look at these top home automation ideas. Our Smart Home Automation Electricians can advise you individually based on your home needs but at Max Power Electrical we are booking more and more jobs in the smart home field.

Smart Lighting

No more walking into a dark home and searching for the light switch, smart home lighting offer technology to automatically or dynamically control your home lighting from an app on your mobile. Some examples of how this technology works include;

  • Motion sensors to turn off lights in empty rooms
  • Set program to switch on and off lights based on your routine
  • Single button for every light in your home
  • Dynamic lighting control set to automatically raise or reduce lighting
smart home electrician
With Smart Automation your home appliances can be managed from anywhere with your smartphone or device

Home Security

Home automation is a boom for home security. This is also the easiest to understand the benefits. Everyone wants the safety and security of their home and family. As with smart lighting, smart security systems integrate easily with existing devices like mobiles.

  • Create a program to turn lights on and off, as usual, to create the impression of occupancy when away on holidays.
  • Access CCTV stream on your mobile for live feeds or playbacks.
  • Automatic locking and unlocking doors via your phone

Home Theatre

Home theatre automation is becoming a feature of new home builds and retrofitting into existing homes. The accessibility of smart automation reaches a much wider base than home theatre setups in the past. A fully integrated home theatre system combined with smart technology takes movie watching and sports viewing to another level.

  • Cinema standard viewing
  • Preset volumes for kids shows
  • Automatic switch off at bedtime
  • Program lights to turn up or on automatically when the tv is paused
  • Automatically close blinds and dim lights once play is pressed

Smart Music

Listen to music via smart home technology and experience the next step up in sound systems and music streaming to your home.

  • Combine smart lighting and music to create mood lighting with music
  • Program different music to certain rooms via separate audio zones
  • Control the home audio from a touchscreen on the wall or smartphone

How Does Smart Home Automation Work?

Smart home technology is installed either through smart wiring or wireless technology. These systems allow areas of the home to communicate with central control systems. Programmed ‘scenes’ can be turned on via sensors, timers or apps to communicate to technology how to operate. For instance watching a movie with dimmed lights, temperature control and blinds shut. Or a smart sensor will detect you have arrived home from work and switch on the lights, start the heater, switch on the TV and turn off the home alarm.

Smart Home Installation Costs

This, of course, depends on the system and what exactly you want. Max Power Electricals work with cutting edge technology and we access the best systems which can actually lessen the cost for you. Like our smart home lighting system which is wireless and controlled via an app. This means no smart wiring costs and it is quick to install. We are a custom installer which means no matter the electrical job, whether it’s installing a smart home theatre or smart home automation for a new build we can price accordingly.

Simple smart home automation systems can be installed at a very reasonable price. The only constraint us your budget, we can install simple systems right up to complex smart home automation that brings every function of your home to a central control system.