Dirty Air Con Filters Mean $$$ Bill’s – DIY Tips

So, it’s not really air con pumping weather yet in Melbourne, in fact you may even be using your split system as a heater in the morning at the moment!! But it’s time to clean the filters in your split system ready for summer. The filter pads are usually located just under the top lid and should be easy to access. They will be covered in dust if you haven’t regularly cleaned them which means they are preventing the cool air from blowing 100% through them. 

It’s only the indoor unit we recommend DIY cleaning, don’t attempt anything other than the filters and if you still have the instruction leaflet it should have step by step instructions. Split system filters are easy to access and easy to clean.


Why Clean Them?

The filters are designed to catch dust particles and they can get really dirty if you don’t clean them. Once cleaned the air con works at full capacity and efficiency which means you are not paying for more power. When it’s dirty the air con works harder and draws more power, meaning more $$$ on your bills. 


Clean your split system a few times a year at minimum and if there has been weather that has made your area dusty or stormy clean them afterwards also. 


How To Clean Air Con Filters 

All you need to do is pop open the lid/cover and pull out the filters, vacuum (use the brush head), dust them and wipe a damp cloth over them. Make sure they are dry before putting them back and only use a damp do not immerse them in water. Split systems will have one or two filters depending on the size.