Split System Air Con FAQ

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Every year in summer we find a trend in customer calls and bookings – they want air-con installed ASAP. Split system air-conditioning is the best at providing cool, crisp air and unlike ducted evap cooling, it works no matter the humidity levels. We book out fast and often book out for the months of December and January. So every February we run a campaign with special offers for those that missed out on bookings in December and January. We do this because we don’t want those who missed out to have to wait until next summer. And February plus March still have hot weather!

This year, Feb 2021 we are offering the first 50 bookings made in Feb for a split system air conditioner a free USB power point* – get it installed in where you need it most, the kitchen bench or next to your bed. And even if you have a PowerPoint there get it upgraded to a USB one. 

It’s not too late to get air con installed and keep cool. Fresh cool air day and night – don’t sweat through another hot summer night! Split system air conditioners start at $1650 and we will advise you on the right size split system for the room to make sure the space is cooled efficiently and cost-effectively. So whether you have no air-con and don’t want to swelter through any more summer heat or you want to install a 2nd aircon in your bedroom, or even upgrade to a better split system, call us now. 

Installing the Right Size Split System

Our qualified electricians take into account the size of the space and the right location in the space to install the unit. It’s no use getting a small unit that suits a bedroom for a living area. Whilst the unit will be cheaper as it’s smaller you will pay more in bills as you run it at full speed to try and cool down the space. And even then it will be too small to effectively cool down the area. And vice versa, you don’t need a 5KW split system for a bedroom – you will pay more in power bills and for the unit itself.

Getting the right sized split system matters. A general guide is as below, but we will advise you when we quote. 


  • 2.5KW for a bedroom or small room
  • 3.5KW for large bedroom or small apartment sized lounge
  • 5 KW for living room or kitchen dining rooms
  • 7KW for larger living rooms and open plan spaces
  • 8KW for very large open plan spaces like retail and commercial

Are Split Systems Better than Ducted Cooling?

Split systems give you flexibility and often work better at cooling than ducted evap systems. It’s not usual to need the entire house cooled down at once, for example, air-con running in your bedroom during the day and air-con running in your living room during the night. Why pay in power for cooling you are not benefitting from?

With split a/c systems, you get the flexibility of choosing to cool just one room at a time. For homes that only need a few smaller sized key rooms to cool this is the most cost-effective option.

Is a Split System Cheaper than Evap Cooling?

Yes, split systems are cheaper than ducted air conditioning to install and can cool the space in summer and heat it in winter. A mistake people make is to think one unit can cool a lot of rooms in the home. It is actually better to spend the upfront cost on two or more units than one unit. You will have controlled cooling and can target cooling where it is needed. And then in winter, you can run the split system as a heater. 

Our Air Conditioning Install Services 


  • Site inspection to understand the requirements & your expectations
  • We pick up unit & bring to you, or (We can install a unit you have bought)
  • Select the best location that will be aesthetically pleasing & most efficient
  • We do the installation which includes plumbing & electrical by a licensed tradesman
  • Advice on any other electrical issues we may find so you are aware
  • You are provided with a safety certificate to ensure your full warranty on the unit is valid


Check out our dedicated Air Con page on our website for more information and a list of prices for split system units.