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Winter is well and truly here, Melbourne is cold! Frosty mornings and freezing nights are the calling card of Melbourne’s Winter season. The last thing on your mind would be an air conditioner. But this is actually the time to prepare for Summer. Every year as soon as the sun pokes its head out and 10 degree days of winter are a distant memory, replaced with 40 degree forecasts we get inundated with clients wanting to install an air conditioner. And unfortunately we have to turn people away or waitlist them because every year we book out from November to February. 


Save up to $400


Mitsubishi Electric is having a Winter Gift Card Campaign giving buyers gift cards with values from $100 to $400. Purchase one of their eligible split system units and get a gift card to redeem. We can purchase and install the air conditioner unit, you simply need to lodge the claim form online to get your gift card. Or if you have already bought the unit, call us for installation only. Check out our air conditioning page on our website for the cost of buying and installing a split system.

Eligible purchases must be finalised by 31/08/2022 and all claims must have been submitted by 30/09/2022. Promotion starts: 01/05/2022 – Promotion ends: 31/08/2022. Terms and conditions apply.


Get in now! Plus split systems have a heating function as well, so you can start enjoying your new split system even in the dead of winter. We urge anyone thinking about getting a new air conditioner to book in now! Don’t go another summer without one, and don’t leave it until summer to book our installation services because you might miss out!


How Much Does it Cost?


Prices start from $1700 and will depend upon the size of the system and if it is install only or a system plus install. We usually supply the split system and install, we have been installing split systems for years. Which means we can advise you on the right sized system for your space. If you get one too small it will cost more in power to run and one too big you are paying too much for power you don’t need. 


Check out our price list, split system brands and sizes here. 


Our Air Con Services 


  • Site inspection to understand the requirements & your expectations
  • We pick up the unit & bring it to you, or (We can install a unit you have bought)
  • Select the best location that will be aesthetically pleasing & most efficient
  • We do the installation which includes plumbing & electrical by a licensed electrician
  • Make sure we advise on any other electrical issues we may find so you are aware
  • Provide a safety certificate to ensure your full warranty on the unit is valid


Have any questions? Our electricians are always available to discuss the results or provide further advice.

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Don’t Miss Out on Promised $250 Power Saving Bonus

On July one every household in Victoria can get a $250 payment for simply comparing their energy bills. Plus the Victoria Energy Compare site advises that used data shows 7 out of every 10 users can save money by switching energy offers, with typical annual savings of $330 on energy bills in the first year alone.


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