Don’t Miss Out on Promised $250 Power Saving Bonus

On July one every household in Victoria can get a $250 payment for simply comparing their energy bills. Plus the Victoria Energy Compare site advises that used data shows 7 out of every 10 users can save money by switching energy offers, with typical annual savings of $330 on energy bills in the first year alone.


So what do you need to do?

Apply for the new $250 Power Saving Bonus from 1 July 2022.


How do I apply?

Have your most recent electricity bill and be the account holder for that bill. Then go to the Victorian Energy Compare website. The $250 will be available from July 1 2022 through to 30th June 2023. It’s a one-off payment. 

If you need a reminder you can go to the website now and register your interest to receive an invitation when the payment is available. 


How will I receive the $250 Power Saving Bonus?

Currently, $250 is available to concession card holders and that payment is made typically via electronic funds transfer within 3 weeks of the application. So presumably from July, all households can receive the money the same way directly into their bank account. 

You may also be able to request a cheque payment, but this can take up to a month to arrive.

However, full details about the process for the new $250 Power Saving Bonus will be available when applications open on 1 July.


Power Saving Tips

The cost of living is high in the mind of Victorians. Speak to us for advice on our services and how much they can save on the everyday cost of living. 



You can even show us your most recent electricity bill and we will calculate how much a solar system will save you. Free Solar Quote

And lastly don’t forget the winter gift card campaign from Mitsubishi when you get a split system. Get a gift card valued from $100 to $400!