One Click Could Save You Almost $1000

Send Your Bill & We Work Out Your Solar Savings

We will look at your latest energy bill to determine the right size solar power system for your home and how much solar power will save you every year. Our certified solar electrician team also let you know how much the solar panels will be to install. Plus work out your rebates. No hard sell just the facts. Solar Panels save almost $900 per year on bills – estimated by independent government body Solar Vic. 

When our customers go ahead with the quote we do all the rebate paperwork for you and take care of the entire process from paperwork to installation. No middleman like some shonky operators who buy your quotes from resellers. Max Power does it all and our solar panels are top quality and long-lasting, unlike others on the markets sourced from poorly made overseas sellers. 

Avoid Shonky Solar Operators

Middlemen solar companies typically work by booking in the solar and selling your business to installers. We control the quality of every aspect as we do it all and know exactly what to do. 

Send us through your latest bill and we can tell you how much you will save.

  • Max Power is an accredited Clean Energy Council solar retailer, designer & installer.
  • Rebates of up to $1400 under the Victorian solar power program
  • Plus an interest-free loan for the same amount as the rebate. 
  • Giving you almost $3,000 upfront to pay for solar power installation. 


Solar Batteries

Along with Solar Panels we also install Solar Batteries plus our solar panels are always installed batter ready for any later upgrades. Get up to $3,500 Vic Government Solar or Battery rebates for your business and rebates to install a solar battery on your home up to $4,174. Plus interest-free loans for the remaining amount.

You will only get the rebate if you have your system installed by a Solar Victoria approved solar retailer - Max Power is an approved solar retailer. And we take care of all the rebate and interest-free loan (if applying) paperwork.

Do you qualify?

Answer yes to any of these criteria and you do!


  • Operate on your own premise
  • Less than 20 employees
  • Business property is individually metered and not residential


  • Household income less than $180,000pa
  • Home valued less than $3 million
  • No previous solar and solar battery installed

The new May 2021 rebates will see a surge in solar bookings so don’t miss out!! Book now and take advantage of the new savings. Federal solar incentives are being reduced in 2022.

Electricians You Can Trust

At Max Power Electrical we have decades of experience providing residential electrician services and also business electrician services. Some of our trusted clients include;

  • Qantas
  • RACV
  • Toyota
  • McDonald’s
  • Melbourne Zoo