Max Power’s Review Competition with a Solar Twist!

As the Christmas lights start to twinkle, we’re excited to bring you a chance to sparkle even more with our special December competition. It’s fun, easy, and could light up your holidays! Win a free solar panel clean worth $450! Even more depending on the size of your solar system. 


🌟 Why Your Reviews Illuminate Our Journey


Your feedback is our guiding star. When you share your experiences with Max Power, you help us keep our services stellar and make a real difference. 

🚀 Join the Festive Fun – Here’s How:

Share your Max Power review. It’s as simple as flipping a switch! Your review can be on any service from Max Power as long as you pop it in one of the two sites. And then email us with a link to your review. If you put your review on both sites that’s two entries – a double chance!!

Email here –


🎄 Winner Announcement: A Christmas Eve Surprise!

Stay tuned! This glowing contest runs all of December, with the lucky winner drawn on the 31st of December. What a festive treat! Share your Max Power review!


🎁 The Shiny Prize: More Than Just a Clean


Every review puts you in the running for a free solar panel service & clean with our advanced mega brush. But why is this prize so special? Here’s the bright side:

  • Optimal Performance: Keeping your panels clean ensures they work at their best, saving you more on your bills.
  • Longevity: Regular maintenance prolongs the life of your solar system, protecting your investment.
  • Efficiency: A clean solar panel means maximum efficiency, ensuring you harness every bit of solar energy.

🔍 The Importance of Solar Panel Maintenance


At Max Power, we go beyond just cleaning. We ensure:

  • Qualified Inspections: Our Clean Energy Solar Electricians conduct thorough audits.
  • Comprehensive Maintenance: We check cables, frames, inverters, and more for optimal safety and performance.
  • Efficiency Assessments: We ensure your system is harnessing solar power effectively.


✨ Ready to Sparkle and Save?


We can’t wait to see your reviews! Let’s light up this holiday season together. Every review is a step towards a brighter, cleaner solar future. Enter by December 31st for your chance to win! 

Prize Value: The winner will receive a solar panel service & clean worth over $450.

📜 The Rules of the Game: How to Sparkle and Win!


Review Submission Period: Post your review by December 31st.

  1. How to Enter: Write a review on Google or Product Review and email the link to us.
  2. Winner Selection: A winner will be randomly drawn from all eligible entries.
  3. Winner Announcement: The lucky winner will be contacted directly in the 2nd week of January.
  4. Arranging the Prize: We’ll coordinate with you to schedule the free solar panel cleaning.
  5. Conditions: Open to all customers, one entry per review site, most entries possible per customer is two. 


🌟 Let Your Review Shine & Win This Christmas Season!

Share your Max Power review and join our Christmas contest as we count down to the holidays. You could be the lucky star to have your solar panels shining brighter than ever! Your review could be the ticket to a radiant start to the New Year. We’re excited to see your reviews and wish you the best of luck in our sparkling contest!

Merry Christmas and Good Luck!