How Do I Get $1,400 From the Government for Getting Solar Panels?

The Victorian Government provides a rebate of $1400 or up to 50% of the cost whichever is lowest. Don’t stress about filing out any paperwork, we do it for you. It’s really important to make sure you engage a certified electrician such as ourselves. Do not use middlemen companies that just set up the paperwork and sell your business to installers. Cut out the middleman and be guaranteed quality solar panels that last. Not poorly made panels that will not last the test of time. 


Save $1000 a year with Solar


The same independent government body that provides the rebate, estimates a saving of $1,000 per year with solar. Imagine that over a ten year period – it’s $10,000 in your bank account not the electricity provider! Your solar panels will pay for themselves in a matter of years and then everything from there is positive payback! 

How Much is the Victorian Solar Rebate?


The Victoria solar rebate is up to $1400 or 50% of the cost – whichever is the lowest. And you can apply for a 4 year no interest solar loan – loan amount equal to total rebate value. So if you install a solar system worth $7000 you could get a rebate of $1400 and a loan of $1400 – giving you $2,800.  


And the loan is a great way if you want to use a ‘buy now, pay later’ method. As you have 4 years to pay back with no interest but you can also pay the loan back at any time within those 4 years. 


How do I claim the VIC solar rebate?


  • We do it for you – no need to worry about it!
  • Your quote is uploaded by us to the Solar Victoria Portal
  • After approval from Solar Victoria, we get your eligibility number
  • Then we can proceed with the installation
  • The rebate is deducted directly from the total cost


Want to know exactly what you would save a year? Just give us your latest electricity  bill and we will calculate it for you. No hard sell, we just give the costs and facts. As a certified solar installer the Max Power team do everything from start to finish and we use quality solar panels. Our solar service is always booked and we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and quality.