Cost of solar is it worth it?

Your investment in Solar power is recouped by the average $900 yearly savings solar panels provide. So for a 5kW system, the cost is recovered within 5-6 years. And if you are home during the day the savings equal a faster payback period of 3-4 years. Homes with solar installed can expect power bills to be reduced by 30% to 60%. These figures are put forward by Solar Victoria which is a government body – so independent of commercial influences.

How Much Does Solar Cost?


Including the built-in solar power rebate, the cost for an average 5kW system is under $5,000. Obviously, the final cost will depend on the size of the solar panel system installed. It’s no use installing solar panels that do not generate enough energy for the size of your home. We will as part of our quote process for solar panel prices make sure you have the right size system.

Solar Savings


Something to consider also is the quality of the solar panels getting installed. Max Power never uses cheap solar systems made overseas. Our panels last a long time and are top quality. So by choosing us as your solar installer you get excellent value for money. The panel’s cell efficiency and panel design are built to deliver powerful solar energy to your home. And they will last a lot longer than cheap flimsy overseas panels.


Financial Benefits of Solar


Solar works by offsetting your energy consumption, reducing the electricity amount you buy from your electricity retailer. On average it is between 20-40c per kWh cost to buy from your retailer. The solar system uses solar power first before allowing energy to be bought from the retailer grid.  

The other financial benefit you get from solar is the feed-in tariff for your excess energy that goes back into the grid. This is the energy your system generates but is not needed for your use – excess energy. Victoria’s mandatory minimum rate is 10.2c per kWh but can be more with some retailers.

The independent solar governing body advises the average cost per year with solar equates to $900 per year. So that’s a payback period of around 5 years. And you can also get an interest free loan (same amount of rebate) amount, up to $1850 which has a 4 year payment period.

Solar Panels Save $9000 over Ten Years


Solar is definitely worth the upfront cost as you have a rebate built-in and a payback period of anywhere to 2 – 5 years. Over ten years you will have saved $9000 on your electricity bills!

Plus you also improve the overall value of your home with a solar system. 

All of our solar systems are installed battery ready which means they are future-proofed for the next step in solar innovation. In fact, if you want a solar battery installed we can also do that now for you. 

Installing Solar Panels Quote

Get a solar quote by simply sending in your latest electricity bill, we can tell you much you can save on the bill, the right sized system for your home and the installation cost. Plus we take care of all the rebate and loan paperwork for you! 


Want to Save Almost $900 a Year on Bills?


Did you know more than 15% of Australia’s homes are powered by solar?  Take advantage of our naturally sunny country and use the sun to power your home. 

Don’t wait until winter is over to install solar and be ready now! We always have long waitlists in summer for solar installation. So every winter we urge people to get solar installed now. Beat the waiting list and start saving immediately!

You will save on average almost $900 a year on energy bills. And the current Vic government rebate is up to $3500 on solar panels and $4174 on solar batteries. As an approved solar retailer we will take care of all the paperwork and make sure you get all of the rebate $$$ you are entitled to. 

Getting the Best Solar Power Panels


We know there is a lot of advertising for solar power installation, what you need to look out for is the quality of the solar panels. Max Power NEVER uses cheap overseas solar panels that do not last. Our solar panels are top quality and not only will you get quality products but we take care of the whole job. From the paperwork for rebates to the installation. Some companies advertise solar installation deals but once you sign on they sell your deal to another company.

No MiddleMan with Max Power!

Simply upload your latest electricity bill and we will let you know how much you will save with solar panels. No hard sell – just the costs and savings.