Commercial Solar Rebates – Hurry to Get Higher Rebates Before they Run Out!

Currently, a small business can still apply for a solar rebate grant of $3,500. But it’s time to act because this is soon going down to $1750. The government is providing 5,000 grants and once these have been all taken the rebate reduces to $1750. There are less than 1,800 grants left and we cannot guarantee the timeframe of how quickly these will go.

Eligibility Criteria

  • 1-19 Employees
  • Solar PV system up to 30kW
  • Non-residential premises
  • Individually metered premises
  • Have not previously received a Solar for Business rebate  
  • The system must be installed by a Solar Victoria approved retailer (Max Power Electrical is approved)
  • Install a solar system with a PV capacity size up to 30kW, and detailed on the Solar Victoria approved product list. 


The rebate scheme covers 50% of the cost for a rooftop solar system (to a max of $3,500). This rebate is applied to the upfront cost making it more affordable. For example, if the solar system is $7,000 to install your grant will be the full $3,500. If the net cost is $5,000 the rebate will be $2,500 (50%). For more information on commercial solar click here

Trusted Clients

Our commercial clients include well-known companies;

  • Qantas
  • RACV
  • Toyota
  • Auto Barn
  • Cigweld
  • Beacon Building Services
  • Anytime Fitness
  • Barry Plant Real Estate

And we also provide commercial electrician services for small to medium businesses across the Northern, Eastern, North-Eastern and Western suburbs.

Bonus Money to Upgrade

The Government is also offering up to $2000 bonuses under the Small Business Energy Saver Program. The same eligibility criteria apply and this can be used for upgrading to energy-efficient reverse-cycle air conditioners

Upgrade example

  • upgrading your air conditioning unit with a more efficient reverse cycle air-conditioner for $700 instead of $2,800

Book Now!

Book in now before the rebate goes down by 50% and get advice on everything your business is entitled to like the Small Business Energy Saver Program.

Commercial Solar

Commercial solar is a great investment to wipe out or significantly lower energy bills. Max Power Electrical is a clean energy council approved solar retailer, which means we signed on to the code of conduct – the only one authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

And we provide clean energy finance with low doc loans with 0% upfront for small to medium businesses. No tricky third party finance – finance and installation are all provided by Max Power. In fact, the savings from your electricity bill should offset the repayments giving you positive cash flow.

This makes commercial solar a great option for all types of business both large and small. For small solar systems of 5 KWH suitable for small businesses with limited roof space. And for larger systems of 30KW or more for factories, shopping centres, warehouses and large corporate buildings.

solar panel cleaning and maintenance


Instant Asset Write-off Incentive Renamed to Temporary Full Expense

Take advantage of the government’s write-off scheme of $150K until June 30th 2022. Aimed at small to medium businesses it’s a significant incentive allowing businesses to immediately write off depreciable assets costing less than $150K. Any business that turns over less than $500 million dollars is eligible. 

Using this incentive to purchase a commercial solar system is effectively writing off the total cost of a 100 KW solar system, which is a much bigger system than most small to medium businesses even need. Most of our clients install anywhere between a 5kw and 30kw commercial solar system. 

Being able to instantly write-off the solar system means the return on the investment could be reached in as little as 3 years and continued savings of up to $10,000 per year (on a 20kw system) and potential 10 years saving of $100,000. 

The Federal government also implemented a second tax incentive called ‘Backing Business Investment’. This states that if a business investment of up to $150,000 is made this financial year it can use the instant asset write-off incentive, but any investment no matter its expense can deduct 50% of its price with normal depreciation applying to the rest. The rules to be met are as follows;

  • The business has an annual turnover of less than $500 million.
  • It happens before the end of the next financial year (30th of June 2022)

Commercial solar even without the instant tax write-off is fantastic for saving on business costs. The reduction in energy bills offsets the repayments and we provide low-doc no deposit loans. So finance, installation and ongoing maintenance can be handled all by us.


Energy Finance for Commercial Solar

We have partnered with Pinnacle Road to provide energy finance to businesses for commercial solar installation. This means we can provide market-leading pricing and market-leading low doc loans. We can install and provide all finance thanks as we are accredited to provide clean energy finance. Applying for finance is a straightforward process with little documentation needed. 

  • $0 upfront payment
  • Cash flow positive
  • Solar pays off the finance
  • Low document finance