Switching to LED High Bay Lighting

Get the Best Electrician to Install LED High Bay Lights


Why buy LED high bay lights instead of metal halide or fluorescent? High bay lighting is lighting for large spaces like factories, industrial businesses, indoor sports centre’s, warehouses, retail spaces and gyms. Larger spaces (both vertically and horizontally), with high ceilings, need powerful illumination. High bay lighting fixtures usually hang from the ceiling by hooks, chains or pendants. Or they can be fixed directly to the ceiling. Changing from fluorescent to LED high bay lights will save on both energy costs and ongoing maintenance. 

At Max Power Electrical we are the best high bay lighting specialists in Melbourne. We can replace faulty or non-working High Bay Lights. And specialise in a full upgrade or retrofit of your entire lighting throughout your warehouse, factory and retail outlets.

The government VEET rebate is still available to take advantage of but hurry as the government has only made it available to the mid-year. After this time we cannot guarantee a rebate. 


Benefits of Led High Bay Lights


  • 5 Year full replacement warranty on all lights and installation
  • Reduce Costs – 76% power reduction for high bay lights
  • Zero maintenance costs during the 5 year period
  • Instant on and off operation
  • Superior colour rendering index (CRI 80)
  • Reduced heat load affect
  • Low glare
  • Environmentally safe
  • No UV radiation
  • Improvement in LUX levels in ALL areas!


Energy Savings

Saving energy means saving on bills and is the main reason why large buildings and factories convert to LED high bay lighting. A common wattage for LED high bay lights is between the range of 95 watts to 495 watts. Typically HID high bay lights range from 175 watts to 1000 watts. So by switching to LED lighting, the immediate reduction in energy consumption is 40% to 60%. In dollar terms, that’s around $300 per fixture per year in electricity costs by switching to LED.


Maintenance Cost Reduction

LED conversion means a huge reduction in ongoing maintenance budgets. The high bay LED light fixtures are much longer than HID lights. The LED light output slowly degrades over time instead of blowing. Which means the functional lifespan of LED is much better. For instance, by converting conventional 400w HID high bay lighting to LED, a typical building with industrial light fixtures can save up to $5000 over the course of three years in maintenance costs alone.

HIgh bay fixtures obviously have higher mounting heights and that makes changing a bulb quite difficult. Unless the business has the specialist equipment and know-how it a job for us. LEDs can last decades longer compared to other older style lights meaning much less calls to us to change the bulb! Retrofitting your Industrial LED lighting is a must to save on costs.


Better Lighting Performance


Lighting quality and performance is just as essential as cost savings for businesses especially for those requiring high bay lights. Safety and productivity are affected by bad quality lighting. LED lights cannot be beaten for performance and light output. This is because LEDs work using a multipoint design distributing light evenly. What that means lighting in a large space is very even and not darker between one fixture to another. Plus LEDs are available in a range of correlated colour temps and give a range of options to increase the visual brightness.

High Bay Lighting Installation Melbourne


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