Top 11 Reasons to Install Ceiling Fans and Beat the Heat in 2020

Save money on your energy bills this summer by installing ceiling fans. They are a simple yet extremely effective way to keep your home cool. And they cost barely a fraction of the cost of running air conditioners. But if you run them in conjunction with air conditioning they work to lower your energy bills – can be as much as 50%.

Read on to find out how…reasons counting down to the number one reason to get a ceiling fan installed in 2020.



Reason 11

Ceiling Fans use a lot less energy than air conditioners. The motors in ceiling fans operate up to 70% more efficiently than air conditioning motors.

Reason 10

Use your ceiling fan with your air conditioner and the temperature can be set higher on the thermostat. Every one degree higher saves 10% on the bill, so by running ceiling fans together with AC can save up to 50% or more – that cuts your bill at least in half. AC on 18 degrees without ceiling fans compared to AC on 23 degrees with ceiling fans – halves your AC bills. And the temp still feels as cool as 18 degrees!

Reason 9

You can save money on your heating bills with ceiling fans! Ceiling fans have a reversible rotation in winter. By reversing the direction of the fan the air is drawn upwards instead of downwards. This will move warm air around without creating a downwards breeze. In conjunction with reverse-cycle air conditioners or ducted heating, the same degree rule applies. The heater can be set at a lower temp and again saves you 10% for every temp lowered.

Reason 8

Fans are now designed with lighting integration it’s not just a simple choice of colour. Integrated lighting means easier installation as ceiling fans often are installed in the place of the light fixture in the room. Plus the light itself will be LED and saves on energy and lasts for many, many years.

Reason 7

New ceiling fans have much better technology than older models, with lighting integration, blades and motors that are at least 75% more energy efficient.

Reason 6

Ceiling fans come in so many designs that no matter if your home is period or modern style you will be able to find a fan design to suit. It’s not just boring old white ceiling fans like years gone by, colours, blades and interior design styles are varied and vast. Ceiling fans do not detract from your interior design but enhance it.

Reason 5

Customized ceiling fans mean you can have exactly the style you want. Select the blade design, colour and lighting that will suit the interior design of your home.

Reason 4

Ceiling fans as implied in the name are installed on ceilings and are safely out of reach of little hands and pets. Much safer than floor or table fans.

Reason 3

Smart ceiling fans that work with Google, Alexa and phone apps are the big innovation happening right now. Smart fans can be programmed to start when the temperature reaches a certain point and stopped when the temp lowers. Smart switches can be used to turn on fans when you are away from home to get air circulating ready for you coming home. The programs include temp, speed and motion sensors. Most smart apps will come with pre-set programs you can select from or you can customize your own.

Reason 2

Outdoor ceiling fans keep alfresco areas cool for outdoor living. Installing outdoor ceiling fans create a beautiful breeze for outdoor dining and living. Plus the breeze keeps away pesky insects!

Reason 1

The number one reason to get ceiling fans installed now is…Max Power Electrical is the best and most affordable electricians for installing ceiling fans! We can supply and install ceiling fans or if you have bought ceiling fans already we can install asap. This summer is going to be hot, hot, hot – we can install ceiling fans now and keep you cool all summer long! Contact us now our friendly team is ready to help!