Do Solar Panels Need To Be Cleaned?

electrician cleaning solar panel

Max Power has been in business for over 15 years, the solar industry for over 13 years and we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of solar power systems, ranging from solar systems on houses, schools and factories. We see everything solar through our solar maintenance service work and the thousands of installations we have successfully carried out. Often we see the ugly by helping our clients when the cheapest quote for solar power installation was the cheapest for a good reason and afterwards they need us to assist.

electrician cleaning solar panel

When we are out doing solar maintenance, the most common reply I get when asking is;

Q: “Who installed your system?”
A: “We tried to call them but, they no longer exist ……..”
Q: “Why didn’t you get the installation company back to fix this?”
A: “They don’t return calls so we have given up on them.”

Regular solar cleaning and maintenance  must be carried out by licensed electricians, Max Power is experienced in residential and commercial solar systems. We are a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Installer and retailer. Max Power has signed on to the Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer Code of Conduct – the only solar industry code of conduct authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). We make sure the performance of your system is maximised to reduce power bills. Get in touch with us for all your solar
panels and solar power system servicing and maintenance.

Reasons Why you May Need to get a Solar Panel System Check

● Receiving a letter from the local electricity supply authority reminding you to have the anti-islanding test carried out, which is essential for ensuring your inverter will disconnect from the grid.

● Receiving a letter from your electricity retailer letting you know that your system is not feeding back to the grid.

● Receiving an electricity bill and feeling like there is not enough credit from your solar tariff feed-in.

● Moving into a new house that has solar and you are not sure about the condition of the system, or what the expected savings are likely to be.

● The system was installed and you were not 100% sure you got what you paid for, and have not been happy with the savings.

● The system was installed and you have never had it looked at since.

Should Solar Panels Be Cleaned and Serviced?

It’s important to have regular maintenance and service carried out on your solar panels and system. This makes sure they are working at maximum efficiency, is safe and saving you money. Dust and debris build up on your solar panels which will affect how they work. Plus more common damage we find on solar panels is water, moisture seepage, vermin, hail and wind, all of which causes deterioration.

● Cleaning of the solar panels
● Making sure they are secure and free of any defects
● Checking the vents are free of debris
● Looking at the switches and making sure they have no defects
● Checking all the wiring for damage or deterioration
● Electrical checks on all components making sure they are operating normally
● Confirming fittings and cables are securely attached
● Review the inverter display for any recorded faults
● Checking the isolator switches access is not impeded
● Checking the emergency procedure for isolation and shutdown are clearly displayed
● Check smart meter export values are in line with the expected production / usage

Common Issues We Find During Our Solar Power System Maintenance Service

● Roof top DC isolators (located on the roof with panels) are the major cause of fires on solar systems, and over the last 10 years the CEC have refined the rules surrounding these, so it’s no surprise that these are also the weakest link on many systems where the installation was poor. And in some cases recalls have been issued
but the installation company ignored the warning or more commonly no longer exists, these quite often must be upgraded immediately.

● Incorrect DC plugs that are non-compliant or not compatible with the panels, creating a hotspot and bad connection.

● Damaged wiring from panels being installed and squashing DC wiring, or UV damaged wiring due to poor installation, can be dangerous and reduce efficiency.

● Dirty panels that have a film of grim on them from nearby trees dropping leaves &  dust and exhaust from nearby roads, this can reduce your production massively.

So, by carrying out regular solar maintenance  you can avoid little problems turning into big problems, it’s like having your car checked regularly, except your car doesn’t  save you money as your solar system does.

Talk to Max Power today to book a service and if you’d like a reminder we can add you to our database to make sure you get your system checked and cleaned.

Ensure you are compliant with local supply authorities when you have your report and photos proving your system is safe and fully operational.

Why Choose Max Power as Your Electrician?

● Outstanding communication skills
● Ability to handle all types of electrical work
● Licensed in data and phone
● Licensed for Elevated platform
● Licensed for all electrical
● Commercial solar and battery
● Licensed in split systems
● Working with children and police check cards
● $20 million public liability insurance
● COVID-19 trained

Max Power is also a Clean Energy Council approved retailer which means we have passed an extensive application process, of importance, is agreeing to provide warranty on our system for 5 years and having access to rebates for our clients. When choosing a solar company who is an approved retailer, we are the point of contact, so we sell you the system and are also the company you talk to for any issues or when you want to add a battery.

Trusted Clients

● Residential homes
● Landlord properties
● Body Corporates
● Qantas
● Toyota
● Goodman
● McDonalds
● Auto Barn
● Cigweld
● Allity Aged Care
● Melbourne Zoo
● Vision Stream
● Anytime Fitness
● Australian military