Take Action on Upcoming Blackouts and How to Keep Your Home Running

Prepare for a Summer of Power Outages: Secure Your Solar Battery and Beat the Rush. As summer approaches, Victoria is facing heightened risks of both brownouts and blackouts. Don’t be caught off-guard; protect your home’s power supply now before the hot season hits!

Did you know a solar power system can save you an average of $1,000 a year? Add a solar battery to the mix, and your savings could double! But that’s not all. Max Power can help you transition to an all-electric home, maximising your energy efficiency and annual savings. And with alarming reports of possible power outages this summer, there’s never been a better time to secure your solar battery.


Act Now: Solar Battery Bookings Are Filling Up!

With an interest-free loan from the Victorian Government, solar battery bookings are surging. Be one of the 4,500 households to benefit from this limited-time offer. With repayments as low as $183.34 per month and annual savings of up to $1,713, it’s a no-brainer. Act fast and ensure your power stability for the coming blackout-prone summer months.

Don’t Sweat It: Get Your Split System Today

Our split-system air conditioners are in high demand and usually have an 8-week waitlist during summer. Book now to secure your cooling (and heating) solution and avoid the wait!

Financial Perks and Rebates

The Victorian Government is offering various incentives for moving to an all-electric home:

Switch now and save hundreds on gas connection and supply charges while reducing your carbon footprint and bolstering your home’s sustainability. Our split systems integrate perfectly with solar panels, slashing your energy bills by up to 70%.

Power Through Brownouts and Blackouts

Imagine a scorching summer day; the power grid is struggling, and a brownout or blackout hits your neighbourhood. But you’re unaffected! Your solar battery kicks in, keeping your split system air conditioner humming and your home comfortable. To find out how much you can save we can give you a quote and tell you estimated bill savings when you send us your latest electricity bill. We don’t push any hard sell, it’s just the facts.