Car Park Lighting Solutions

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Car Park Lighting Solutions For Safety and Security

Car park lighting is important for the safety and security of those who use it. Poor lighting can make the space seem less safe and invite unwelcome activity. Underground or above ground parking needs good lighting for customers, employees and anybody walking in or out of the building. It does not matter if the carpark is a small apartment building, shopping centre or large factory site, everyone wants to be safe. Vehicle and pedestrian safety requires good lighting solutions, especially at night.

Max Power Electrical supplies and installs solar powered lighting solutions with easy installation poles. These are a great solution for outdoor carparks for offices, street lighting, path and walkways, exterior building lighting, park lighting, solar CCTV and security perimeter lighting. The easy installation comes is no concrete footings are needed with the poles and no trenching for cable power. Max Power Electricals installs the poles with a unique manual winch system, making for quick and safe installation. Carparks do not need to be closed for long periods when installing this outdoor commercial solar lighting system.

Outdoor Carpark Lighting

Outdoor lighting prevents issues like car theft and graffiti, this, in turn, means more business or better employee satisfaction with a secure and safe space. Plus if you have CCTV then sensor lighting will help with any image recording. 24 hour LED lighting means low-cost outdoor lighting for commercial spaces. LED lighting can offer a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours – even if switched on 24/7. This makes them a great cost saving option. There may be an upfront cost to switching over to solar powered or LED lighting, but this is offset with much lower ongoing energy costs.

External carpark lighting needs bright night-time lighting which will help drivers safely exit and enter the carpark. And provide a safe environment for people to walk to and from their cars. Smart lighting systems can be tailored to the needs of the carpark also, for example, lower lighting levels when the car park is not in use, this means enough light still to deter unwanted activity but conserve costs and reduce light spill into the neighbourhood

Indoor Parking Lighting

Lighting plays a part not only in personal safety in carparks but for directing the flow of traffic and orientation. Examples of lighting for indoor carparks are as follows;

  • Signage lighting
  • Carspace availability lighting (motion detection LED lights)
  • Entry and exit lanes
  • Stairwell and elevator lighting

The electrician team at Max Power can provide advice on the right lighting solutions and options for outdoor and indoor lighting. We know the importance of keeping areas safe and secure with smart lighting options.