What Does It Cost To Install an Air Conditioner?

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The end of winter/start of spring is the best time to install air conditioning as our bookings fill up fast after this month. With an uncertain summer ahead we may need to be in our homes much more than normal and if that’s the case then keeping cool is more important than ever. Hopefully, Melbourne residents will experience a normal summer with lockdown restrictions eased. A normal summer in Melbourne needs air conditioning anyway so beat the rush of installation bookings that we see every year and skip the queue by booking now!

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And if Melbourne lives up to its four seasons in one-day reputation your new split system can work as a heater. Reverse system heating via a split system is often cheaper than gas due to lower supply rates and the energy efficiency of new split systems.

Spring is the best time to prepare for the start of Summer – Max Power offer contactless installation and are Covid-19 trained.

How much does air conditioning installation cost in 2020?

Our install only charge starts at $650. We can supply and install your air conditioner for great prices as well. The price to supply and install an air conditioner starts at $1650. Here you can find our air conditioner prices and what is included for installation

We install split system reverse air conditioners which can be used for heating and cooling. Using electricity can be cheaper than gas for heating. Plus if you do not have zoned gas heating, split systems are excellent for zoned heating. Meaning you only heat the rooms being occupied not the entire house. Our experienced electricians will advise you on the KW size needed which depends on the size of the area that needs cooling. Open plan living areas leather in size will obviously need a larger KW air conditioning system than a bedroom. Price examples can be a 3.5 kw air conditioner that includes installation $1850 and 8 kw air conditioner including installation $3000.

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The time needed to install your air conditioner can vary from 3 hours to 6 hours. If your split system installation includes more than one unit and other factors like a double-storey home it can take a day. The electrician team at Max Power are highly experienced at completing your installation on time, we will let you know our install time estimate when we quote the job.

Split System Air Conditioner for heating

Split system air conditioners make excellent heaters for the winter months in Melbourne as well. Read our blog on why a split system is better heating than gas ducted heating for both costs and your carbon footprint..

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*Currently under stage 4 restrictions we cannot install but you can make your booking for after restrictions are lifted and get all the information on what size air conditioner your home needs. We can do over the phone and email quotes, plus order the system so everything is ready to go.