Is it Time For a New Air-Con? – Book Now to Avoid Missing Out

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Covid-19 restrictions have impacted our installations and we recommend calling us now to make sure you get your new air-con installed before Summer. We cannot guarantee if you leave it too late that we can get to you quickly. Instead, you may be put on our waitlist, as we always get a rush of bookings when the 40 degree days start to roll in. October is the best time to install a new split system, to get ahead of the rush in Summer when the first hot day prompts people to call for cool relief!

Do you need a New Split System AirCon?

It’s always a tough decision. Do you try to go one more Summer with your old air conditioner or is it time for a new one? Are you weighing up spending more money on repairs versus spending more on a new system? In that case remember that even though a new split system will most likely cost more than repairing your old one, you will end up with a better more energy-efficient air conditioner. So in turn cooling you for less, saving on bills. Maybe it is time to stop fixing and start replacing.


Consider the following;


Age of Air Conditioner

If your air-con is 10 – 15 years old it’s probably time to start looking into a replacement system. A new AC is more energy-efficient and will have better cooling technology, saving you money every year on bills.


Temperature to Hot

Are you always having to adjust the temp or does it feel like the air-con is just not cool enough? If you are noticing temperature issues of your older air con system then it’s time to replace it. You are essentially paying for hot air! 


Bills Going Up

Have you noticed the air-con bills in Summer getting higher? If your air-con is over 10-15 years old it may be down to the fact it is just not working as well. A new system is made with energy efficiency in mind and is designed to give you cool air with less power. If your old AC is making your bills higher it could be a sign it’s on its final legs. 

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Our Air Con Services 


  • Site inspection to understand the requirements & your expectations
  • We pick up the unit & bring it to you, or (We can install a unit you have bought)
  • Select the best location that will be aesthetically pleasing & most efficient
  • We do the installation which includes plumbing & electrical by a licensed electrician
  • Make sure we advise on any other electrical issues we may find so you are aware
  • Provide a safety certificate to ensure your full warranty on the unit is valid

Get Ready for Summer with a New Air Con


While the mornings are still crisp the heat is only some time away. If you are thinking about upgrading your old air con or installing a split system in bedrooms now is the time. Every summer when the 40 degree days hit Melbourne we get inundated with bookings and the installation times grow. 

Get ahead of the waitlist and install now. We can quote you on the right size system for your area. The right size system means you will be cool and comfortable throughout summer. Sleep in cool comfort with a split system installed in your bedroom, no more sleepless nights in summer! Generally, a 2.5KW split system is what we recommend and for larger size areas like an open plan family area, it may be a 5KW system.

Have any questions? Our electricians are always available to discuss the results or provide further advice.


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