Goodbye Gas Hello All-Electric

Gas is officially being phased out in Victoria. From Jan 2024 all new homes built in Victoria will be all-electric.  The Victorian Government is phasing out gas connections in new homes, marking a monumental shift in our home heating solutions. Traditional gas ducted heating, a familiar choice for many Victorians, will give way to greener and more efficient alternatives. 

That’s where split systems come into play. These high-efficiency reverse-cycle air conditioners offer both heating and cooling. With advancements in technology, they have become increasingly efficient and cost-effective, making them the perfect substitute for traditional gas heating.

All-electric is a phrase becoming a familiar part of our lexicon, and it’s not just referring to the future, it’s right now. Just yesterday the news reported electric car sales have more than doubled this year in Australia and now homes are moving towards all-electric with electric ovens, electric heat pump hot water systems and electric cooling and heating. Gas is expensive and bad for the climate so electricity is taking over. 

By choosing to transition to a split system, not only are you aligning with the government’s environmentally-friendly mandate, but you’re also investing in a future of significant energy savings. These units run at a fraction of the cost of gas-ducted systems, which means more savings in your pocket!

Book Now And Stay Cool

Don’t wait for the heat to arrive to get a split system air con, we book out every year and have an 8-week wait time. So if you wait you miss out on a cool summer! Let’s ride the wave of change together, and make your home more comfortable, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly. 

Our team at Max Power looks forward to setting you up for a greener and more efficient future!