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The Vic gov is phasing out gas connections from 2024. All new homes built will be all-electric with no gas connections. It marks a big shift for heating our homes in the cold Melbourne winters. But at Max Power, we have long been ahead of the curve by championing split systems as a better alternative for heating. Not only do split systems cool your home, but they also heat it in winter. And they are much more efficient, making your heating bills cheaper. 

Slash 70% From Your Bills!

As we enjoy the last month of winter, it’s the perfect time to prepare for the upcoming summer heat.  Moreover, our air conditioning systems align with the increasing trend towards all-electric homes. They efficiently integrate with your solar panels and battery systems, slashing your power bills by up to 70% and reducing your carbon footprint.

Max Power can supply and install your new split system from $2000 and if you have bought the system already we can install from $880. Check out all our products and prices here

In addition to cooling and heating, our electric systems offer several benefits:

Highly Energy Efficient: Split systems are significantly more efficient than gas appliances. They help reduce your energy consumption and contribute to significant cost savings in the long run.

Easy Integration: Our split systems easily integrate with existing electrical systems and can be powered by solar panels, making them an ideal choice for all-electric homes.

Don’t miss this opportunity to future-proof your home with our split-system air conditioners. Let’s work together to save money, reduce carbon emissions, and enjoy a comfortable living environment, no matter the season.