Beat the Heat and Skip the Wait. Be the First in Line not the Last!

As we gear up to say goodbye to spring, we know the summer heat is just around the corner. If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that when the temperature soars, so do the number of calls we get for air-con installations. We want you to be ahead of the curve this year.

Why Now Is the Perfect Time

Don’t find yourself in a sweaty situation come December & January. The weather experts are all saying this summer is going to be a scorcher! Now is the perfect time to make sure you are comfortable for the sweltering months ahead. Skip the summer queue of customers waiting for air-con to be installed and book in now.

Book now or risk waiting over 8 weeks for split systems in summer.


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Your Future-Ready Solution

As you may have heard, the Vic government is gradually phasing out gas connections in new builds from 2024. All-electric homes are the future, and Max Power has been ahead of this curve for years. We have a whole suite of all-electric solutions and using your split system for heating and cooling is one of them. Electricity is cheaper than gas and a split system works like a zoned heater. Saving you from heating rooms with nobody in them.

Dual-purpose systems: Our split systems cool your home in summer and heat it in winter.

High Efficiency: Expect to see your power bills go down.

Solar Compatibility: Our systems can integrate smoothly with your solar panels and battery setups.

Low Installation Costs: Prices start at $2000 for a new system and $880 for installation if you’ve already purchased a system.

Don’t Miss Out


This is more than an opportunity for a cooler summer; it’s a chance to make a long-term investment in your comfort and savings. Get future-ready with Max Power’s air con split systems.

Act now and ensure that you’re all set before the first heatwave hits.