$2000 Air Con For Summer If You Book Now

Finally the sun has come out over Melbourne. The heater isn’t being turned on in the mornings anymore, instead the sun is shining through the windows! Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. If you want air conditioning this summer then book now. We can install a 2.5 KW Mitsubishi Electric split system for $2000 including install. 


We get asked by customers ‘what size air conditioning do I need? This depends on the space you want to cool down. A master bedroom usually doesn’t need a unit bigger 2.5KW and an open space living area might require a 5KW to 7KW system which including install starts at $2600.

We book out for Summer air con installations every year. Don’t wait until the first forecast of a 40 degree day! If you do, you will go on a waitlist and probably have to wait until February next year. Our bookings start to fill for summer now, and we can make sure you get the best price because we have buying power. So let us advise you on the right unit size and spot to install. And then secure a booking for you. We supply and install the split system. 


Sleep in cool comfort with a split system installed in your bedroom, no more sleepless nights in summer! Or upgrade your old living room air con with a new more energy efficient system and save on electricity bills.


Air Conditioning installation cost and price list

What your Money Gets You


  • Site inspection to understand the requirements & your expectations
  • We pick up the unit & bring it to you
  • Select the best location that will be aesthetically pleasing & most efficient
  • We do the installation which includes plumbing & electrical 
  • Make sure we advise on any other electrical issues we may find so you are aware
  • Provide a safety certificate to ensure your full warranty on the unit is valid


Have any questions? Our electricians are always available to discuss the results or provide further advice


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