Slash Your Electricity Bills with Solar Power in 2024!

If you install a solar battery your savings over 10 years is close to $20,000! If you’re considering solar panels or already have them installed, think about adding a solar battery. 

We’ll help you access government rebates for both solar panels and batteries, cutting down your upfront costs. You can save up to $1,400 on solar panels and $2,950 on batteries. These rebates are applied directly, so you enjoy immediate savings.


Save $2000 a Year 

With solar panels, you could save around $1,000 annually, and an additional $1,000 with a solar battery, as per Solar Victoria’s estimates. That’s a substantial saving across a decade!

Interested in knowing the costs for solar panel installation or adding a battery? We provide tailored quotes without the hard sell, just the facts. Just upload your electricity bill and we will use that to give you an idea of savings and costs for your home. 


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Max Power can install either a Tesla Battery or the newest solar battery on the market – the Enpahse battery. Check out our blog for an in-depth comparison. We handle the rebate application process, ensuring you meet all criteria like having a minimum 5 kWh solar panel setup, pre-approval for grid connection, and meeting household income limits.


Quality Matters 


It’s crucial to select the right company to install your solar panels and battery. Because the quality of the product matters. As a Clean Energy Approved Solar Retailer, we adhere to strict ethical standards and focus on providing accurate information without pressuring sales tactics. Plus we use top-quality solar panels, not cheap China imports. 


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