Blackout Warnings & Solar Batteries Selling Out Fast!

Recent reports from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) warn that Victoria faces an increased risk of rolling blackouts and brownouts this summer. The anticipated long, hot, dry season and challenges related to transitioning to low-emissions energy sources have heightened the blackout risk. Don’t let yourself be caught in the dark; secure your power supply now.


Why This Summer in Victoria Is Different

This warning is not business as usual. The electricity grid in Victoria is under unprecedented pressure due to a confluence of factors: anticipated periods of low wind, more frequent generator breakdowns, and potential shortages of coal and gas. The failure to replace ageing coal plants fast enough only adds to the concern.


The Solution: Solar Batteries from Max Power

The Vic Government is offering an interest-free loan of up to $8,800 for solar batteries, which significantly lowers the barrier to buying. Paid back over four years, this loan drastically reduces upfront costs, making solar battery installation more affordable than ever.


If you take the maximum loan, your monthly repayments would be $183.34. With average annual savings from solar at $1,073 and additional battery savings of $640, you could save up to $1,713 per year, or $142.75 per month. Essentially, your savings almost completely offset the loan repayments!


Limited Spots Available!

This is not a drill. The interest-free loan is limited and almost 1,000 Victorian households have already taken up the offer. With the summer heat approaching, now is the time to act. We can’t stress this enough: this upcoming summer will be challenging for Victoria’s power supply. Solar batteries from Max Power can provide a crucial safeguard against blackouts, save you money, and contribute to a greener planet. We’re booking up fast, so secure your power supply today and cruise through summer worry-free.


Don’t wait until the lights go out. Contact Max Power now to ensure your summer is blackout-free!