Safety Switch Installation

Safety switches are a defence against electrical shock, they work by turning off the power to the circuit it is wired to when a fault is detected

Any new installation to a home or a shop or a factory, MUST have a safety switch installed. If your home currently does not have a safety switch and you require more Power Outlets installed you must have a Electrician install and RCD/Safety Switch in your home.

At Max Power Electrical, we follow these strict rules to ensure the safety of our customers and quality of our work, an RCD is no longer an option, in 1992 the law changed to make it mandatory for all new installs to have RCDs installed.

Why Install A Safety Switch In Your Home ?

The simple reason to install a safety switch in your home is to keep you, your family or whomever is occupying the residence safe.

As Melbourne homes get older so does the wiring. Techniques that were once acceptable are no longer considered as a safe electrical installation. Why risk your life, when you can have a safety switch installed. A safety switch will immediately cut power should a problem arise?

Don’t believe it could happen to you ?

In Melbourne the majority of house fires are caused by an electrical fault. Years of poor maintenance and workmanship can build up. Issues can be caused by corroded wires, pests such as rats or mice not to mention shoddy appliances. Even dust accumulating on wires can cause a fire. We have seen it time and time again.

At Max Power Electrical we will not only install safety switches in Melbourne, we can check wiring, appliances and more. We are fully licesed and accreddited and will give you a certificate of compliance that you can use for any building inspection, sale of home, proof of work done and more.

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