Wipe $2000 off Your Electricity Bill 

tesla solar battery

Tesla has been in the news recently mainly thanks to its eclectic founder Elon Musk but the conversation around Tesla in electrician circles is turned towards the increasing demand of solar power batteries. In fact, there is a competitor to Tesla landing in Australia from February 2023 – the Enphase battery. 


We have found along with increasing demand for home Tesla charging stations for electric cars, home solar battery installation is growing in demand. In fact, industry wide there is a 3 month wait time for Tesla battery installation and as Enphase doesn’t come to Australia until Feb 2023 this has a 6 month wait time. So, if you are thinking about solar batteries now is the time to decide and book your spot in the queue so you are not waiting a long time!


How Much Does a Solar Battery Cost?


The cost for a Tesla battery is around $16,000 and the Enphase battery will be similar. But remember you may qualify for a rebate of up to $2950 with Solar Victoria. We can give you all the info on the rebate and if you book with us, we will complete all the rebate paperwork for you! How do you decide whether to get a Tesla solar battery or an Enphase Solar battery? We can give you advice on what’s best for you and have written a blog on the subject. 


Solar batteries store excess power created from your solar panels to be used when the panels can’t generate power like at night. And in a power blackout they can power your home. In fact, the Enphase battery has a weather detection feature that when it senses a storm or extreme weather it will start to prioritise power to have enough stored if needed during the weather event. 

Save $20,000 over 10 years!

If you are thinking about installing solar panels and a solar battery all in one go, we can complete the whole process from rebates on both panels and battery, sourcing the products and installation. As a Clean Energy Approved Solar Retailer, we follow the Code of Conduct meaning meeting and exceeding the high standards set by Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. 

This includes ethical sales practices, so we do not give you the hard sell when you enquire about solar – we give you the facts and let you make up your mind. If you want to see how much you could save with solar panels just upload your latest bill and we will work it out for you. The average home saves up to $1000 per year and if you add a battery, it’s closer to $2000 per year. Thats $20,000 over 10 years!

So if you want to install a solar battery we advise to book in now as the demand is only going up meaning in 2023 the lead time is only going to grow. Get in contact with us now.