Are Solar Panels Worth it in 2022?

How Much Does Solar Cost?


The average cost of a 5 kW home solar system is $5,000 to $7,000 with the solar rebate. The payback period is between 5 – 7 years depending on the size of your system. The more panels installed the higher the price, but we can let you know how many panels your home needs. 

We are a Clean Energy Approved Solar Retailer, so not only do we install quality made solar panels we can take care of all the paperwork for you and get the right rebate amount. 

Max Power never uses cheap overseas made panels. Our panels last a long time and are top quality. The panel’s cell efficiency and panel design are built to deliver powerful solar energy to your home.  

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Financial Savings of Solar


Solar offsets energy consumption which reduces the electricity you buy from your electricity provider. It is an average of between 20-40c per kWh cost to buy from your retailer. There are many types of contracts retailers offer and you need to look at the price at peak plus off-peak. Peak will be more expensive and is usually set at times during most use. 


A solar system uses solar power first before allowing energy to be bought from the retailer grid. Ather financial saving from solar is the feed-in tariff. This is the energy your system generates but is not needed for your use – excess energy. The minimum feed-in tariff is 6.7cents per Kw but retailers will offer varying amounts so you can shop around for the best deal. 

Save $900 Per Year

The independent solar governing body ‘Solar Victoria’  advises the average cost per year with solar equates to $900 per year. So that’s a payback period of around 5 years. And you can also get an interest free loan (same amount of rebate) amount, up to $1400 which has a 4 year payment period. Speak to us for the information on the loan as we can complete this for you also. 


Authorised Solar Retailer

Solar Victoria is an independent Victorian government body and we are authorised by them as an official solar retailer. This means you can trust us to provide excellent quality solar panels and installation services. You can verify us listed on their site here – just scroll down alphabetically. 


Individual Solar Saving Estimate

Get a Free Solar quote by sending your latest electricity bill and we can tell you how much solar will slash from your bill. 

All of our solar systems are installed battery ready which means they are future-proofed for the next step in solar innovation. In fact, if you want a solar battery installed we can also do that now for you.