Top 5 Reasons Why Smart Lighting is the Next Big Thing 


There is no better time to upgrade to LEDs and Smart Lighting with our current promotion. We are giving you one free Smart switch for every five. Read on to see how you can save money and energy with LED plus combined with Smart Lighting upgrade to the next biggest home renovation innovation. Our promotion will not last so hurry and call us to secure your savings!!

Save Power Costs

Smart lighting uses LED bulbs, these use much less energy than traditional incandescent lighting – up to 75% less energy. Plus they last up to 25 times longer! They are cooler than traditional bulbs that are hot to the touch and more break-resistant. So by replacing all your bulbs with LEDs (which smart lighting uses) will slash lighting bills and energy consumption.

Combining LED lighting with smart lighting increases energy savings further. Smart lighting means your lighting is integrated into your technology. So you can program lights to switch off automatically, saving costs. For instance, you leave the house early in the morning when it’s still dark but forget to turn off all the lights, you can either go on the pixie app and switch them off or set up a program to turn them off at a set time so you don’t have to remember.

Save Money Long term

Again this is thanks to upgrading to energy-efficient LED bulbs. Firstly the costs of replacing bulbs are massive. With LED lighting lasting 10 years on average, a big replacement cost-saving. And let’s not kid around that apart from spending the money on the new bulbs physically replacing them can be a pain, especially hard to reach lights! The other factor is the cold hard cash saved on power.

For example –

15 incandescent 60-watt bulbs used for 5 hours a day, upgraded to LED bulbs will save you:$70 per quarter on your electricity bill

$280 per year

Smart lighting costs are offset by the savings and will continue to save you money every year. The cost of installing smart lighting and LED lights are very reasonable and range from replacing just security lighting with Pixie Smart lighting LEDs to automating and replacing your entire home lighting.

Mood Lighting

This is not just for romance but should be used in a lifestyle manner. Like setting your bedroom lights to fade on over 30 minutes, helping you to wake up gently. And vice versa fade off at night to help bedtime routines, especially for young children. For those people really into celebrations, smart lighting combined with colour LEDs can set up scary Halloween lights or coloured party lights, not just your average flashing lights but amazing party scene programs that will blow guests away. Plus the traditional romantic dimmed dinner lighting at the touch of a button.

Provide Smart Security

This is much more than leaving a light on when you are away, but security lighting programs that provide an extra layer of security for your home. A program that can set up a room group and switch on and off room lights at various times. Making your home seem occupied. In addition, security lighting can be for outside lights when you are coming home. Switching on the front garden and doorway lighting to make the area safer.

Smartphone Controls

People use their smartphones for so many things, it only seems a natural progression to control your lighting through your phone. Switch off all the lights in the house from your bed, switch on the toilet light in the middle of the night for a kid and press ‘movie’ lighting when your favourite tv or movie show starts. The smart lighting is controlled via the Pixie app. Simply download the app and set up all your programs. The app will suggest programs and is intuitive making life before it seems primitive! Pixie smart lighting will bring your home to life in a way you never would have imagined. And you will never go back, it would be like switching back to black and white television!

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